Fusion - A Game Changing Fat Burner
Fusion - A Game Changing Fat Burner

Crown Nutrition - Fusion


Crown Nutrition started off with the vision of being the change that is needed in the supplement industry – and all other nutritional industries for that matter – by providing a vegan, environmental friendly product, but, instead of marketing it for that, we are skipping out on the classic “green leaf” logos, which typically only attracts the consciously vegan customers. We will be marketing it only for what it is – just a high quality fatburner produced to defeat its competitors.

What is Crown Nutrition?

Our mission with Crown Nutrition is to contribute to the normalization of vegan products in the general market. There has already been a big development in the vegan industry when it comes to non-animal options. But there is one problem that remains – it is still a vegan market. What is so problematic with this is the fact that it mostly attracts the consciously vegan consumers. We don’t want to be associated with that, instead we want our product to attract everyone, in order to change the attitude people have towards vegan alternatives. Therefore, we have chosen to skip out on the “green leaf” logos we typically see on these products and simply call ourselves “Crown Nutrition – for royal performance”.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is a fat burning supplement containing only the most scientifically proven ingredients in order to assist the customer’s shredding phase or overall weight loss. There exists no such thing as a miracle pill, even though many supplement companies are good at predicating so. Therefore, no promises will be made that our product will cause you to lose 20 pounds of pure body fat in the first 10 days. Only that with the right diet and training, it can, however, assist your weight loss by providing you with all the benefits of its containing ingredients listed below:

120 vegan Capsules (gelatin free) - 60 Servings

We promote transparency - No proprietary-blends - Clinically Doses

Per Serving:

Caffeine 250 mg

* Increases Metabolism which helps with the total energy burned during the day

* Supports the breakdown of fat (lipolysis)

* Helps with power output and focus

Cayenne Pepper (capsaicin) 150 mg

* Thermogenic compound that works via dilating blood vessels and increases blood flow

* Increase in fat oxidation

* Prevents accumulation of triglycerides into fat cells

Green Tea Leaf Extract 500 mg

* Green Tea and Caffeine works synergistically by boosting the levels of non-epinhrine that helps with the breakdown of fat storage

* Increases the body’s fat burning activity by releasing fat into the bloodstream so it can be used as energy

Synephrine HCL 40 mg

* Increase basal metabolic rate

* Works synergistically with caffeine

* Appetite suppressant

Coleus Forskohlii 125 mg

* Increases the release of fatty acids so they can be used as energy

* Helps break down of body fat by activating hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL)

* May increase testosterone in men which prevents muscle loss

* Could also stimulate thyroid. An increase in thyroid will increase your metabolism

 L-Tyrosine 175 mg

* Works as an appetite suppressant with caffeine

* Increases thyroid hormones that will result in an increased metabolic rate

 Vitamin B12 7 ug

* Deficiency is common among vegetarians and vegans

* Helps to boost metabolism 

* Without Vitamin B12, our red blood cells cannot carry oxygen as efficiently, causing a decreased metabolism

Why Crown Nutrition?

We wish to contribute to the normalization of vegan products in the mainstream market. Therefore, despite having vegan products we have chosen to skip out on the "green leaf" logos which especially in first hand target those who are already living a vegan lifestyle. We want our products to reach out to everyone, not only those who consciously chose a vegan product. And this is because we want to see a change where, in the future, there are more vegan options in the mainstream market.

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Fusion is the first product of, what aims to become, a large line of supplements that will share the same standard of this one - so stay tuned.

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