Fury's Forge
Fury's Forge

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Five teenagers wake up in a dark room.

They’ve never met one another before.

Now they must fight their way through life-threatening obstacles in order to escape the vast, labyrinthine facility in which they have found themselves trapped. As their personalities clash and relationships ebb and flow, Eve, Conner, Anna, Jackson, and Cara must overcome their individual weaknesses, face painful memories, and work together in order to save what ultimately becomes most important to them: each other.

On the surface, Fury’s Forge is about five teens trying to escape a large and dangerous facility which becomes a veritable death-trap. There is fighting, action, and lots of running, but the story is about so much more than that. Each one of these kids is haunted by past trauma which defines their actions. They are all imperfect and must work together through their issues and flaws in order to make it out alive. The real story is about these five teenagers learning to trust each other while they grow as individuals.

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We are Zack Rocklin-Waltch (writer) and Tessa Beatrice (artist): Two recent high school graduates looking to make an impact on the comic book world.


We are a part of Underdog Comics - a business run by teenagers who create comics for the underrepresented and the misrepresented. Our stories feature authentic women, ethnic minorities, the LGBT+ community, people with mental and physical disabilities, people with different religious beliefs, and everyone else because no one should be excluded. But our characters are not defined by their sexuality, race, or gender - they’re just part of who they are. Learn more about our purpose at www.underdogcomics.com/about-us

Thanks to all of our amazing backers, our Kickstarters for Placement: Chapter One of Fury’s Forge and Advancements: Chapter Two of Fury’s Forge were successful! We printed Chapters 3 and 4 without a Kickstarter and sold all four copies on our website and at conventions such as Boston ComicCon and LadiesCon.

If you would like to buy a printed copy of Chapters 1-4, as well as stickers, prints, and dog-tags necklaces, you can visit our website at www.underdogcomics.com/shop. You can also read our other stories for free online at www.underdogcomics.com/webcomics.

This Kickstarter is to raise funds to print Falling: Chapter 5 of Fury’s Forge.

Fury’s Forge is comprised of nine chapters - all of which are finished and ready to print. This Kickstarter is for printing Chapter Five. Once this Kickstarter is successfully completed, we will move on to printing the next chapters: Our Kickstarter(s) for Chapters 6 and 7 should be in Winter 2018, and our Kickstarter(s) for Chapters 8 and 9 should be in Summer 2018.

We have already run two successful Kickstarters and we’ve been selling printed copies of Fury’s Forge for about a year. But that doesn’t mean we will succeed this time too. The biggest risk is not reaching the Kickstarter goal. If it is reached, we feel confident in our fulfillment skills and product quality because we’ve done this many times before. If you’re not confident in our product quality, go to underdogcomics.com/shop and buy a comic right now to check them out for yourself.

We know we’re not done learning because we never will be. We’re young, busy, and most of our artists, writers, and creators are in high school or college. But we’re hard working, we care about our stories, and failure will not stop us from trying again!

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