This project has already launched.

DTMX stands for Doctor Tripp & the Moonlight Xpress, who are 2 the most important people behind this project: its creativity and brainstorm.

A time ago, we were looking for a pair of socks that kept our feet fresh and comfortable for a long day, but yet trendy and fashionable. We also wanted socks with an eye catching, timeless look. The socks that are on the market today offer either one (sport socks) or the other (just ordinary dress socks) and we felt like there had to be something better out there. 

So one day while searching the internet for those exclusive socks, it dawned on us to create our own socks for healthy, comfortable feet that incorporates fashion, sustainability & innovation. That's how DTMX socks were born.

Our goal is to make socks that feel better than anything you’ve ever put on your feet before. Socks that change the way you think about socks. That’s why we call DTMX socks seriously addictive.

DTMX socks timeless designs incorporate minimalism contrasting with an array of bright geometrical patterns, celebrating art, architecture, great music and great time.

Freshness & functionality of DTMX socks is a core value of the brand. Antibacterial effect of our garments is due to silver (Ag) nano-particles blended into the yarn. The antibacterial effect is permanent and can not be removed by washing.

Basic features of Siltex:  

* antibacterial effect resulting from the suppression of the growth of various bacteria and fungi  
* anti-allergenic 
* lightweight - suitable for sports 
* airflow enhancing technology 
* fiber strength 
* Body odor reduction - Suitable for longer wear and perfect for any daily wear occasion: gym, office, club or long journey.

DTMX deliver a high quality sock that is responsibly made and durable. All our garments are manufactured to the highest quality standards. DTMX socks production facility is located in the heart of Europe in a small town of Třebič, Czech republic. The factory has been established in 1935 and has a long history including cooperation with high-end brands, making it one of the top sock knitters in the world.

Made from 2 types of basic yarn: premium combed cotton or bamboo fiber.

DTMX socks is one of the few manufacturers of socks that still operate in the old way, with the socks closed by hand. What this implies is that, when the sock leaves the knitting machine, it is moved to a separate flat-bed machine, where the points of the sock (the final stitches on the outer edge of the sock) are matched together one by one on a serrated wheel, and looped together with a single thread of cotton, wool, silk or cashmere fabric. This results in a seam so flat, that you cannot feel it when wearing the socks.

Help us spread the word we need to back our project. Please help us by telling your friends about us. Our aim is to fund-raise enough money to be able to continue DTMX urban socks project, which we already have started investing our own finances, but we need a little bit more to complete. Thanks for your support.




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