Functional Apparel Catered To Your Active Lifestyle | Fact_
Functional Apparel Catered To Your Active Lifestyle | Fact_

This project has already launched.

Fact_ Activewear has just launched their newest campaign on Kickstarter so Pre-Order yourself some new activewear for the summer. Whether you are into high intensity fitness like Crossfit and running, or casual days at the beach, our apparel is perfect for your everyday activities. 


The Women's Malibu shorts and Men's Coronado shorts are loaded with functional pockets to keep your cell phone secure and your valuables like cash, card and keys safe during all your daily activites.


Also new for this campaign : 

  • Women's Leucadia Tank Top
  • Men's Logo T-shirt
  • Men's Coronado 10" Shorts in GREY (also available in Black)

We've created the most versatile, functional and comfortable activewear products, perfect to wear for your busy lifestyle -- be it high intensity fitness like running and Crossfit, or leisure activities like travel or your everyday routine. The key functional feature is the strategic placement and use of the pockets — a pocket built into the waistband designed to securely hold your cell phone, a hidden valuables pocket for cash, card, and keys, plus two standard pockets for all your other needs. We make all our products using high quality materials with moisture wicking, quick dry and an anti-bacterial finish to keep your clothes smelling fresh for those post workout activities. All our garments are produced with the same supplier that manufactures for some of the largest activewear brands in the world. So with all this we are guaranteeing you top quality apparel for an affordable price.

Last year our first product, the Men’s Coronado Shorts raised over $20k on Kickstarter. With it’s success we have now added a Grey colorway to this campaign. We received multiple requests to create a similar but feminine version tailored specifically to women. This year we are bringing to you the Women’s Malibu shorts with all the functional features in three colors; Black, Grey and Blue Atoll. To compliment the shorts we have also launch a women’s performance tank top. Learn more about these amazing products by clicking the link below.





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