Fully Electric Micro Car ZEV T3-1
Fully Electric Micro Car ZEV T3-1

This project has already launched.

The ZEV Micro is a motorcycle sized vehicle, intended to provide the lowest possible transportation cost, and be driven by the largest number of people. Think of a 4 X 8 ft footprint as the total vehicle size, yet able to carry three adults.

The T-31 was built we a few goals:

Have the lowest cost of ownership of any enclosed vehicle in the US

The vehicle has a base cost of only $6,300. Additionally because it is fully electric it has radically reduced maintenance, no oil to change and of course no gasoline costs. 

 The silicate battery last 2-4 years in operation. That is one third of the lithium, but they are very low cost at only $575 at 2018 prices. They are also extremely easy to change in less than 1.5 hours. Using them allows a customer a lower cost of initial purchase, with a low cost maintenance event every 2 or 3 years.

Be drive-able by the largest number of users 

The T3-1 is legal to drive without a helmet (when using seat belts) in all but WV and Maine. It can be driven with just a car license in many USA states. It is legal to drive everywhere as a motorcycle. In some USA states it can be driven with no license or registration where Moped laws exist. For those states that the speed be restricted to 25 mph or less or the power to be lower than standard, we can supply a special variant to conform to those rules.

Additionally it was designed entirely with hand controls to make it more accessible for the handicapped. Of the 13, T3-1 made so far, two have gone to owners with partial leg handicaps. We at ZEV are happy accommodate any of your needs. If you have concerns please contact us, we  have built vehicles with special modifications for specific disabilities before and are happy to help.  

Be a viable car alternative for about town driving

The DOT says that +80% of the USA population drives less than 25 miles round trip to work each day and never goes over 35 mph. The T3-1 is a great low cost car substitute if you have a commute that is just a little to far to walk or live in a congested area, where traffic is slow and finding parking is a pain. 

with its reduced vehicle footprint, parallel parking the T3-1 is a breeze and many cities now offer free parking to electric vehicles. 

The T3-1 has a windshield wiper, a radio, a heater for the winter, and fan for the summer. It also has two glass windows that roll all the way down and a moon roof/ air-scoop to make sure it always stays comfortable.  

You can see full technical specs for the vehicle and learn more about us at our website: https://www.zelectricvehicle.com/t-31-micro-enclosed-trike

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