Frutawa - Bottle Less Drink
Frutawa - Bottle Less Drink

This project has already launched.

Today, pollution from plastic bottles has become a serious issue to our environment, affecting our lands and oceans in many ways and creating a carbon print that is undeniable. Although recycling these bottles would appear to be the easiest and best solution to the problem, the reality is that in the United States, and in most of the world, approximately less than 40% of plastic bottles get recycled. Many of these bottles end up in our oceans and landfills, making the consumption of bottled drinks a real and growing menace to our planet, especially in an industry favoring plastic bottles as the predominant packaging medium for drinks. It's time to listen to our planet and act upon!

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At Frutawa, we have decided to do something about this growing threat by creating a one-of-a-kind drink that not only tastes great, but feels great. Because for every TAWA drink you enjoy today, there is one less bottle to worry about tomorrow! 

Our TAWAsome Mision   

The essence of this campaign lies in our company’s mission to create awareness about pollution from plastic bottles and protect the environment against it by offering consumers an eco-friendly drink that has a minimal impact on the environment, tastes great, and is truly pure and natural. 

All Natural TAWAlicious Drink!!
All Natural TAWAlicious Drink!!

Let's TAWAnize the World! 

It's simple, each of our TAWA bombs (fruit bombs) comes spherically shaped inside a leaf-like pouch, is made of dried fruit juice and cane sugar (less than 25gr, 30% less sweetener than sodas), has no artificial ingredients, GMO's, or preservatives; and most important, does not come in a bottle but a pouch instead, which represents at least 60% less plastic than a standard bottle. Each TAWA bomb is design to dissolve in 16 to 18 oz of water in a matter of seconds and is super portable for enjoying at any time and anywhere: work, school, gym, home, etc.

Leaf Pouch & Spherical Packaging
Leaf Pouch & Spherical Packaging

Through its unique spherical presentation, our TAWA bombs not only prevent the use of disposable plastic bottles (as the sphere itself becomes too big to fit into a standard plastic bottle nozzle), but also promote the use of reusable bottles which, for the most part, have a bigger nozzle cavity. All in all, is a win win for us and our environment!

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The TAWAstic Plan

Being a small startup company, we have recognized that the best way to have a real impact in our world is by changing consumer behavior through awareness and by making our bottle less drinks available to the masses through the retail industry. 

Our limited resources have allowed us to create this amazing product and test the market, with great positive results in regards to concept and flavor. At this point, we have invested about $15,000 to develop our products, packaging, and a small and primitive production line. However, raising awareness and pursing a retail strategy requires significant resources, reason for which we need your support to attain and exceed our funding goal in order to further our mission.

Our TAWA Goal     

Our funding goal of $5,000 is only the initial stepping stone towards attaining our comprehensive awareness and retail strategy. With this funding, we will be able to acquire the necessary resources and inventory to launch an awareness campaign and get into retail to further our mission. Most important, to have a significant impact in our environment, we need to increase and improve our production capabilities by formalizing our production line. Although this amount will only get us so far, we are confident that it will allow us to get our foot into retail and spread the word so we can continue to grow and expand our movement. 
Keep in mind that Kickstarter does not have a goal cap, so the more we raise, the further we can take our mission and the greater the impact we can have on our environment. So please, help us go above and beyond our target goal. Any additional funding will be utilized towards creating more awareness as well as in the development of other packaging options that incorporate biodegradable materials, allowing us to not only minimize plastic pollution but eliminate it completely, which is our ultimate goal!
TAWAmazing Perks!
Each pledge you make today towards this amazing cause, based on your level of kindness, will entitle you to receive one of our delicious and refreshing TAWA packages for you to enjoy:
TAWA Package!
TAWA Package!
And if you are passionate about our cause, in the same way that we are, we encourage you to become a TAWA'mbassador by pledging the maximum amount. As an ambassador, not only will you receive a TAWA package, but also an incredible TAWA t-shirt and TAWA bottle to promote and support our movement: Go Natural, Go Bottle Less, Go Frutawa!
TAWA t-Shirt!
TAWA t-Shirt!
Remember that by contributing to this humble cause, not only would you be receiving a drink that tastes great and is truly natural, but most important, you will become part of the splashing movement for reducing pollution from plastic bottles. The world is in desperate need of our help today. With your support, we will make Frutawa available to the masses, increasing our chances of having a positive impact in our environment by changing the way we consume beverages, one TAWA at a time!
As of today, we have been able to fully develop our products and packaging, as well as a primitive production line that has limited capacity and resources. Our products are FDA registered and fully compliant with State Health requirements. With more than two years of experience in the soft drinks industry and an outstanding level of creativity that defines our company's team, we know that with your help, no obstacle will be big enough to prevent us from attaining our main goal: Have a real positive impact in our environment, through our TAWA drinks, by reducing plastic bottles from the face of the Earth! 
Your support is key in helping us move this project forward through a retail strategy that will create awareness and ultimately reduce pollution from plastic bottles.This is our opportunity to protect the world that we live in and that has given us so much. Please support our cause today and become part of the TAWA movement for reducing pollution from plastic bottles.
Because we know you care, Go Natural, Go Bottle Less, Go Kickstart Frutawa!!

Risks and challenges

Although Frutawa's currently has limited production capabilities, we feel confident that our current state of production will allow us to complete our Kickstarter project and fulfill our promises to each and everyone of our supporters. However, our future retail risks and challenges are far way more considerable and worth noting.

Being a new and different product in the market, we recognize the many risks and challenges that lie ahead of us. Acquiring market share, creating brand recognition and distribution channels; these are just some of the foreseeable challenges we plan to overcome. All of which require a unique product, significant resources, lots of passion, unbreakable determination, and of course, your valuable support.

At Frutawa, we feel confident on overcoming these and many other obstacles by believing in a product that is not only unique but has an amazing mission behind it. Not to mention that, to get to this point, we have had to overcome significant challenges. What better way to predict future performance and gain your trust than by looking at our great resolve to challenges in the past.

One of the biggest challenges we had to overcome was finding the right way to create a unique product that would demotivate the use of plastic bottles and promote reusable bottles. The key to overcoming this hurdle was our product's very own spherical shape. To create this desired attribute, we had to create a one of a kind mold that would compress dried fruit juice and cane sugar into a spherical shape, with the necessary dimensions and characteristics for it to taste great and dissolve in water in a matter of seconds. In addition, our product's spherical shape has allowed us to develop IP around this amazing concept: Two Trademarks and Two patents (Provisional and Non-provisional-15360987), which will be of tremendous aid for protecting us against followers and competitors, and will ultimately allow us to take our mission as far as possible.

Our second biggest challenge was to develop a packaging that would not only be at par with our product in regards to uniqueness and visual appeal, but most important, that would support our mission. Our leaf like and spherical packaging options are one of a kind. Not only to they encapsulate our product in a unique and attractive way, but also are very portable and advance our mission by having a minimal impact in our environment. Although our packaging is made of much lesser plastic than a standard bottle (60% at least), it still needs to be properly disposed so it can go into the recycling process, reason for which our plan includes a creative awareness campaign that will complement our retail strategy. As we have mentioned before, any funding above our stated goal will be utilized to incorporate other packaging options that will not only minimize the use of plastic, but eliminate it completely.

Our current and past efforts have taken us to this point, where we have been able to create a unique product that is good for our bodies and great to the environment. It is our great passion for our products and strong belief in our mission statement the main driving forces that will allow us to overcome anything in our way to success.

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