The First Juicing Alternative
The First Juicing Alternative

One Pound of Fruits and Vegetables in Every Serving.

Rick Perry, Portland chef and year-round cyclist, was looking for healthier solutions to ready-made smoothies and sugary energy drinks. Then he began to juice fresh fruits and vegetables. Rick recalls, “After the first glass of juice I was hooked. My energy was off the charts and my thoughts were suddently clear and sharp. I just felt really awake. After a few weeks I was a changed man. My outlook was more positive and my wife and I were noticing physical changes to our skin.” 

The effects were so profound that Rick and his wife began juicing for others. At first, they hand-delivered fresh juice in gallon jugs, but it became a hassle buying, washing, peeling, juicing and cleaning-up week after week. And there wasn't much profit because the ingredients weren't cheap.

Rick researched alternatives and discovered a perfect solution: drying the fruit and vegetable juices into a fine powder. His first blend, Harvest Boost, is a combination of 100% pure fruits and vegetables. Each ingredient was chosen to perform a specific task—all with no added chemicals or preservatives—and without the grainy “green” aftertaste. It's quite deliscious with water alone or added to your favorite smoothie.

Harvest Boost contains 6 powdered juice ingredients ONLY: juices of pineapple, beet, tart cherry, carrot, kale and spinach. About a 50-50 ratio of fruits to vegetables.

Kids Love It Too!

This is Rick's daughter Ava after drinking a half-scoop serving of Harvest Boost mixed with just water. The kale and spinach are virtually undetectable. It took three years to get the flavor and nutritional balance just right, without giving into sugar, artifical flavors or other added stuff you don't want or need.

Currently, we are packing the powder into cans by hand! 

We are seeking your support to put Harvest Boost into convenient single serving packets.

Specifically, we need funding for:

  • The packet design
  • Purchase of the fruits and vegetables
  • Crushing, extracting the fruit and vegetable juices and drying them into powder
  • Quality control testing and nutritional panel
  • Filling the powders into single serving packets
  • Bulk packing and delivery of starting inventory
  • Publicity services

We have already invested several thousand dollars into research, product testing, inventory and development of the NutriGardens website. Positive testimonials from real people are starting to come in and we have a steady, loyal, following. We've only been selling the powders for just one month.

Early Testimonials:

“Harvest Boost saves my day on a regular basis. I’m a fitness coach and don’t always have time to eat between workouts- I love that I can get from powder to juice to POWER in less than two minutes. Great, healthy taste and convenient packaging. My favorite part is that there are no added sweeteners, just pure nutrients so the energy boost I get doesn’t result in a crash (like you find with other energy drinks and packaged protein shakes). NutriGardens for the win!” –Ellen

“What I LOVE is how I feel after I drink Harvest Boost. I have been drinking it in the afternoon right about the time I start to feel that ‘I need a nap’ feeling. It gives me renewed energy and doesn’t spike my blood sugar. In fact, I’ve been surprised how it has helped control my hunger cravings until dinner time!” –Sean Harry

“I’ve tried many juicing supplements because I wanted the convenience, but found that taste was always sacrificed. It was love at first sip with Harvest Boost. It’s delicious! Finally, a nutrient-dense, juicing alternative AND a great taste. Harvest Boost is perfect for when I’m traveling, it’s easy to pack, and I know I’m getting quality fruits and veggies no matter where I am. The boost I get from this super juice keeps me playing hard all day long. Two thumbs way up!”
–Emily B  Surfer    

Tart Cherry Boost is next to go into packets.

Tart Cherry Boost is the endurance and recovery solution for those seeking an alternative to sugary energy drinks. Tart Cherry Boost reduces inflammation, acting as a natural ibuprofen to support joints after workouts. We hope to offer Tart Cherry Boost in packets down the road, once Harvest Boost takes off.

We have other Boost blends in the works. Your contribution will help us develop them.

INCENTIVES will offer a Harvest Boost 3-sample pack and 10 and 30 days supplies. A can of Tart Cherry Boost will be included at the higher levels of support. All will include free shipping. You will also be the first to learn about our newest blends and be offered special discounts for your early support!

Your help will enable us truly launch this company and help many people recover from health issues, feel better overall, and provide a convenient form of nutritious energy on the go--wherever you go. 

Thank you!!! --Rick Perry



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