Frozen Lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park Photobook
Frozen Lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park Photobook

This project has already launched.

The Motivation and Concept

Rocky Mountain National Park. High peaks, immense forests, bountiful wildlife, ... and LAKES. I absolutely love the lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. Each lake has it's own personality and many of them are pretty difficult to get to for most people. Summer is the most popular time for the park. About 5 million visitors seek out the beauty and majesty of the park each year, with over half of them arriving in the Summer months. Not nearly as many brave the snow covered park in the Winter.

My favorite time, though, is the Winter when the park gets blanketed in powdery snow and the lakes freeze. The peacefulness and challenge of snowshoeing to these remote destinations enhances the experience for me. These frozen lakes are my favorite spots in the world and I want to let everyone see them through my eyes.

I already have many great images of these lakes and this Winter and Spring, I will trek to many of the lakes and capture their beauty for a new book, "Frozen Lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park".

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