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Art Clock "No Green No Blue"

post of micro exhibition #1



Few years ago, we worked on an architectural competition for Guggenheim museum. Our team worked day and night for six months, starting from scratch to every detail. We felt we were closer from our dream to reality day by day… but at the end, there is a thousand dreams from all over the world. and only one can be chosen.Of cause, we were not that lucky.

Till one day we saw a rendering of our own art works displayed in this Avantgarde museum, suddenly, we feel so released about the result. At least, our six months effort are not in vain. After second thought, why not we can use this design to create a virtual art museum.

ground floor plan of SITONCLOUD ART MUSEUM

This is how we came up with this idea of using an real architectural plan to build up a virtual art museum, and we named it “SITONCLOUD”. This museum will exist immortally in the digital cloud.The only criteria for selections of artists is their passion for art. we would like to dedicate this museum to all the artists who share their art inspirations to us.

Even curating is virtual, we (architect) want everything to be perfect. We made each exhibition a post. We allocate each exhibition in a specific room. We set up each day as a sunny day. And the milky sun light diffuse into our exhibition room, and gently cover our art works. They are respected as if they are in the best museum in the world.

micro exhibition #01 in SITONCLOUD ART MUSEUM


Many languages do not distinguish between what in English are described as "blue" and "green". They instead use a cover term spanning both. When the issue is discussed in linguistics, this cover term is sometimes called “grue” in English. By coincident, when you are looking at both his photography and his presentation of his architecture works, “grue” is best hue to describe his observations from his eyes. Uncompromising like his architecture pursuit, “if there is no green, then there is no blue”. His pictures look pure in one sight, but much more saturation in spaces at second glaze.


HOU Liang

Chinese Born Belgian Architect HOU Liang started his own practice since 2005, after his award-winning proposal for worldwide architecture competition for Tsunami Memorial in Thailand. He and his team win numerous important international architecture competitions, including Seoul Performing art center in Korea, Jean Paul II memorial museum in Poland. For more than ten years he is not only being active in Avant-guard architectural design, but also being experimental in multimedia design. His projection mapping on 3-dimensional white furniture tables called "sitoncloud" project has become an iconic design for the new generation, and was exhibited in Museum of Modern Art in Paris in 2012.

"Tsunami Memorial" in Thailand, you can find more about Hou Liang Architecture @

"Grand Canyon “dining table, you can find more about SITONCLOUD project @


So far it comes to the museum economy, we have our own online museum shop. Following every art exhibition, we launch a special edition of products derivative from the original art works. And we always choose the best quality in our product supply to match the high stander of our art works.

space diagram of SITONCLOUD ART MUSEUM


Time is precious for every one. The clock is the best gift for everyone. Our special edition of this Art Clock is a unique gift for you and your friends.

We use ultra high resolution UV printing technology, to print the original pictures onto the back side of a transparent Plexiglas. You will have a photography lab quality effect on your wall display.

ART T-shirt

We use 100% combed cotton, 32 thread count, 260 g/m² density,T-shirt as our canvas. We only use the highest resolution dye-sublimated technology to print artwork. Please find those Art T-shirt pictures in the Prototype Gallery above.We care about every detail of clothe making, also the quality of packaging. Every T-shirt is treated as a gift directly from our artist's hand to you and your friends.


The moment that Art gift handed to you from our art museum, you feel all those experience is not just a dream. Your contribution are not only supporting all the artists who deserved to be bestowed, but also is used by us to develop our art museum into a supper real virtual reality in the coming futureļ¼

The Plexiglas clock panel is made piece by piece from laser cutting machine. In order to guarantee our production quality, our current capacity is limited by 200 pieces per month. Each backer will receive a backer number in sequence. The earlier backers will get their rewards by earlier delivery. So, please choose your favorite one NOW…


Stands for “Products Invented By Architecture”

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