Crowdfunding has literally changed the world. Businesses, projects, charities and creative works of all kinds were made possible by the generous contributions of ordinary people who had no particular economic goal in mind. They just wanted to see their chosen project come to life.

But like all financing ventures, crowdfunding isn't for everyone. It takes more than a little showmanship, more than a little boldness and a tremendous amount of hard work. Many entrepreneurs have pointed out the fact that a popular crowdfunding initiative takes almost as much work as the project they are trying to launch. We think everyone should be able to take advantage of this kind of financing, so we created a service called Friend Funding.

Our approach takes advantage of something all entrepreneurs already know: Friends and Family are often responsible for most, if not all, of the average startup's seed money. Our platform will take advantage of that natural partnership and turn that seed financing into a fun way to get a new project
from drawing board to reality.

From there, we think some projects will be strong enough to take the additional step of seeking a second round of financing through more traditional crowdfunding platforms. Others may organically grow into their own revenues without it. Either way, we think Friend Funding fills a need and will encourage even more creative projects to become successes!


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