- Smarter Coffee Bean Management - Smarter Coffee Bean Management

The system is built to address the problems with coffee subscriptions or with just forgetting to buy coffee in general. You'll get:

  1. Low Coffee Reminders with Geolocation.
  2. Automatic coffee delivery function in app.
  3. Variety of roasters to choose from and add to your coffee queue.
  4. Same price as craft coffee delivery or less.

Coffee subscriptions are a pain. You end with too much or too little coffee. The coffee goes stale by the time you get to the next shipment or you run out.

For busy lifestyles, remembering to purchase coffee at the store can be a pain. When you forget your coffee, you're SOL.

Our smart connected coffee bean jar ensures your coffee delivery is just-in-time. No subscription and you'll never forget to buy coffee again.

Our jar stores your coffee in a ceramic container with an airtight lid to make sure it stays as fresh as possible.

Below the jar is our scale, which connects to your smartphone in the background. You'll get notifications when your coffee is ready to reorder. Don't worry, we won't ship without your permission if you don't want us to. If you do want to go fully automatic, we'll notify you when your coffee is roasting and shipping.

You don't have to just buy our coffee. We're going to offer a variety of roasters to choose from.

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