FreeStyle Sensor Sticker
FreeStyle Sensor Sticker

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What is FreeStyle sensor sticker?

Our daughter, Oriya (7 Years old) was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 last December. Since then, she has learnt how to check her own blood glucose and sometimes she is even willing to inject the insulin by herself.

As her parents, we are always looking for ways to make her as comfortable as possible with her new situation.

When we heard about the FreeStyle sensor, we were excited to give it to her. It would save her from having to perform 4 blood tests in a day. The problem was she didn't want to use it and we didn't understand why. After a while, she shared with us the reason why – it was not because she was scared of the needle but because she didn't feel comfortable with the idea of an extra device on her arm.

That night after I put her to sleep, I wondered how we could make it work for her and make her feel comfortable.

The same night, I came up with an idea: “why use a white boring sensor when you can design your own FreeStyle sticker for your sensor to match your skin or any other design you would like?"

When I shared this idea with Oriya in the morning, she loved it.

Through this self-designed FreeStyle sticker, I decided to develop this product to help Oriya and thousands of others who would like to color and decorate their FreeStyle sensors so they could feel more comfortable with it and to enjoy freedom from the needle.

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