Freckl: The World's 1st Lunch Trading App for Kids!
Freckl: The World's 1st Lunch Trading App for Kids!

This project has already launched.

Thanks for checking out my project! "Freckl" is a fun, lunch-trading app that allows kids to trade food from their lunch with their classmates. When they sign in, they are required to set their school info so they can only trade with other kids in their school (kids typically can't drive).

Then they can post photos of the food they want to trade and browse through everything their classmates have posted.

If they see something they like, they can send a trade offer to that person...

...who will receive a notification on their phone.

They can accept or deny the trade, or make a counter-offer if they choose to.

Freckl is currently available for download for both Android and iOS devices. So feel free to check out the prototype now!

After putting several thousand dollars into developing the app, my funding has run out. It currently has the very basic elements that the app needs, but I wasn't able to afford many of the features I wanted. To make this a really great app, it needs:

  • Internal chat feature - kids will have fun negotiating their trades and trying to "sell" their items to their friends. 
  • Worldwide school database - Right now, the app only connects to a database of U.S. schools. We have to expand that database so the rest of the world can use Freckl as well.
  • Food allergy warning - The original concept of this was to connect to a database of food ingredients for different products. If the child attempts to trade for something they may be allergic to, a warning should popup asking them if they want to cancel the trade.
  • Bar code scanner - If they want to trade a product that has a bar code, it should allow them to scan the code and an image and description of the food will pop up automatically. Quick and easy!
  • Design facelift -  It wouldn't hurt to have a professional app designer work on the design. This will only be done if all of the other features have been completed first.

Kids have been trading food from their lunch for centuries, so the underlying idea is nothing new. But there currently is no other app on the market that lets them expand their reach like Freckl can. Instead of only trading with the other kids at their table, they can reach everyone in their grade, or even the entire school!

If you choose to back this project, you could be helping to create an entirely new market of food exchange for school age children. They're going to trade their food anyway. Why not give them more options to do it?

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