Frazetta Miniatures by Killbox Games
Frazetta Miniatures by Killbox Games

This project has already launched.

Killbox Games is excited to partner with the Frazetta Jr. Enterprises LLC. to celebrate the legacy of Frank Frazetta with three core vignette Resin miniatures that bring Frank's iconic work to life in high detailed, hand sculpted miniatures. Officially licensed from Frazetta Jr. Enterprises LLC. Our shared goal with Frazetta Jr. Enterprises LLC. is to celebrate Frank Frazetta's work and honor his legacy through our miniatures

Frank Frazetta is a prolific artist who set a standard of excellence in all of his work. A founding father of Fantasy and SciFi illustration, Frank Frazetta is well known for many iconic pieces for film, literature, and comics. His work has been seen on movie posters, book covers and featured in comic books. Frank Frazetta's work and personality inspired artists and game enthusiasts alike and continues to inspire an entire genre and today's top artists. That is why Killbox Games has worked with some of  the industry's best in sculpting and manufacturing to ensure Frazetta's excellence and legacy carries on. It is an officially licensed line by Frazetta Jr. Enterprises LLC. All of the artwork and sculptures have been approved by the Frank Frazetta Museum.

These 35mm (1/50th) scale miniatures not only capture the characters but the mood depicted in each painting. Whether you are a painter, collector or gaming enthusiast, we have an option for you. Single style gaming resin miniatures, vignette pieces in high quality resin for painters, and beautifully cast, assembled and finished statuettes in pewter for the collector.

Core Miniatures

We are launching our Frazetta line with three core miniature sets: the Vampire Queen, Death Dealer, and Werewolf vs The Count, in three different versions: Portrait Edition for gaming, Vignette Edition for painters and Collector's Edition, in finished pewter, for collectors.





 360 Degree Video



For more photos visit the gallery section below or our website gallery.







 360 Degree Video



For more photos visit the gallery section below or our website gallery.







360 Degree Video



For more photos visit the gallery section below or our website gallery.

Pledge Levels











Stretch Goals


Add Ons


Rewards will be shipped as soon as they are finished production. At this time, all three core miniatures are sculpted and mastered. 

Shipping costs will be collected through the backerkit when the miniatures are ready to ship. Shipping will be from the US manufacturer for North America and we will be working with shipping partners around the world in an effort to ease additional duties, VAT, import fees and taxes for anyone outside of North America. 

License Agreement

Killbox Games and Frazetta Jr. Enterprices have entered into a license agreement that allows Killbox Games access to reproduce an extensive catalog of Frank Frazetta's artwork in miniature form including several scale representation, vignette series, gaming miniatures and pewter collector editions. The agreement was signed in July of 2016.

Additional Gallery

Death Dealer





 Vampire Queen





 Werewolf vs Dracula




For more photos, visit our website gallery at

Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges are very few with this project. Core miniatures are sculpted and mastered and the Kickstarter is to introduce the line and pay for production molds and castings. Several of the add on miniatures are sculpted and waiting to be molded while other pieces are commissioned.

Our manufacturer is located in the US and has estimated one to two months for the pieces to be molded, cast and packaged for delivery. We have given a three month delivery time for the core miniatures in this campaign.

We will be shipping in waves. Wave One will be the Core miniatures and will be shipped in three months. Additional stretch goals and add ons will be shipped in waves every three months or sooner.

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