Fractal Skulls
Fractal Skulls

This project has already launched.

Each skull is a work of art--inspired by nature and created though modern technology.

Our skulls combine two natural wonders, the marvel of human anatomy and fractals, into a single piece of art. These elegant pieces are anatomically correct human skulls decorated with fractals--computer generated patterns found everywhere in nature.

Each skull begins as a digital, 3D model of a human skull. The skull is wrapped in a fractal design, 3D printed, and finished with a high-gloss, protective coating. The result is an elegant, eye-catching, porcelain-like model ready to display on your desk, mantle, shelf, as your own unique holiday or home-decor. You'll be part of the cool group at work with this on your desk. Each piece is a work of art inspired by nature and created through modern technology.

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