Foxtender: automatic bar station
Foxtender: automatic bar station

Foxtender, the world´s first automatic bar station


Foxtender is the world’s first ALL-IN-ONE automatic bar station.

A professional cocktail dispenser that supplies cold and perfectly dosed drinks in 16 seconds. Provided with a pay interface and an efficient ID recognition system, it’s perfect for any kind of location.


The project was born when Matteo and some friends were planning to rent a club for the summer, and were trying to evaluate costs and management. Thinking about the bar, he realized that they would need a lot of bartenders and, since they hadn't enough room to place many bar stations, he wondered if anything existed out there, that could efficiently help to dispense cocktails... When he found out that there was nothing similar to a professional automatic cocktail dispenser, he decided to invent and patent it!



In the making, Matteo and the staff always kept in mind the original purpose. Foxtender is designed to fulfill not only customers’ expectations, but it has been created to provide the best services for club owners/managers, too. In fact, Foxtender has specific features designed to satisfy all the requirements of big clubs:

  • large capacity, meaning it can dispense a considerable amount of cocktails without human assistance (400); 
  • a strong metal body with a low center of gravity and shatterproof glass, that makes Foxtender robust and solid, in every location;
  • freedom to customize and set up the content of tanks, kind of drinks, doses and prices.
  • it can be placed anywhere, since it has no need of water pipes, just electricity.

Foxtender has a smart and easy prepayment system that works with wristbands or through the app. This is perfect for both owners (fidelity) and customers.

Dispensing a cocktail happens incredibly fast and the smart interface is very easy to use; drinks are always cold and tasty, thanks to the refrigeration system. Every detail has been studied carefully, from the elevated position of dispensing zone (it’s annoying to bend over to grab things from a vending machine), to the ergonomic position of every physical object that needs an interaction with the customer. 
Matteo personally made the technical drawings, to make sure to meet and satisfy all customers' demands.

If customers like Foxtender, owners will too!

Foxtender is very easy to use. Customers only need to select a drink, tap the wristband or the smartphone on the pad and the dispensing will start! Your credit card can be saved on the Foxtender app account or you can insert a bill and tap the wristband to refill your wristband credit.

For business owners: by tapping your green wristbands in the designated area, Foxtender shows the managing view. The latter gives the ability of getting a drink for free, or setting content of physical tanks and decide percentages and prices for each cocktail.

In only 10 minutes, Foxtender will be ready and the owner doesn’t need to do this procedure every time, just whenever he wants to change the configuration of the machine.

About alcoholic cocktail dispensing:

Foxtender has an ID reader to ensure that minors are not served.

If Foxtender is placed in a location where only people above the legal drinking age have access, the owner can simply disable the ID reader in software.

To prevent people from drinking too much, we added a "stay safe" feature, which limits the number of cocktails per hour and per night, for each person that uses Foxtender.



Below you can find an example of the bartending tutorial video you will receive (showing only one cocktail). It's a drink invented by Luca Michelini, an Italian bartender who fully supports the Foxtender Campaign!

 If we will hit higher targets, we will be glad to give you extra rewards for FREE!


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