Forget the traditional passwords on mobile devices
Forget the traditional passwords on mobile devices

Tap code is a different and special authentication method for mobile devices which can be used in public places without taking the risk of exposing your secret password or code when other people are watching the screen while you are entering the code.

Unlock your phone and launch your apps faster than any other method!!


New Feature!! Open your app the same time you enter the security pattern.


What problem we solve:

  • The traditional user and password, pin code, and security pattern are really easy to guess. Other people could guess your codes just taking a look at your phone screen.
  • The mobile devices are made to be used everywhere, so It doesn’t make sense don’t be able to using authentication methods in public places without taking a risk.
  • The traditional password system isn’t scalable or sustainable, you have to remember a secret for each account or service that you are using and if someone guess your secret they will be able to access to all your information.
  • Our method allows to access the apps faster than the traditional methods, improving the user experience and the interaction with the apps that require log-in.

Key features

  • Our patent pending system measures acceleration, angle and other metrics in other to learn your unique way of using the code.
  • The more time you use the app, the more secure the app will be because it learns your unique way of using the code.
  • The code can be used to access your apps almost instantly and directly from the lock screen.
  • The code can be used in a launcher to log in the app at the same time you are selecting the icon.
  • There are so many uses that we are going to implement later.

How it works

  • You can think in a familiar sound, music or rhythm in order to choose your code. The number the taps on the screen is unlimited. The more taps you use, the more secure the app will be just like the number of digits for passwords.
  • The first time the app is used It’s necessary to enter the code 5 times on the screen. This number of tries give us enough information to understand the code.
  • The method take advantage of the touch screen to allows you to access your apps faster than other methods, since you just must touch one point on the screen. So, you are selecting the app and log-in at the same time when you enter the code on some app icon.
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