For a new brand that will rock your world!
For a new brand that will rock your world!

This project has already launched. is an online store of rock, punk, trash, gothic and metal clothing and accessories. We offer a wide range of items for men and women such as sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops, shoes, boots, jewelry and accessories that rockers love!   

We are now ready to develop our own brand to offer our customers unique products that are specially designed for all trashers of this world looking for an original and bad ass style.

Thanks to this socio-financing project, we will be able to start our brand by creating the first following items:  

  • Dr Martins style leather boots (long and short) specially designed with chains, rivets and unique prints for men and women;  
  • Trash-style leather and denim pants for men and women with rips, prints, chains and leather belts;
  • Sweaters, tank tops and t-shirts with unique prints and designs for men and women;
  • Denim and leather jackets for men and women with rips, embroidery, patches, prints and chains. 

To achieve our goal to develop a quality and unique brand, we will proceed and invest in the following steps:

  • Draw and design each article in collaboration with our artists and creators; 
  • Find the best manufacturers to create the items;
  • Register our trademark internationally;  
  • Establish production agreements with manufacturers;  
  • Order a minimum stock of each item, in all available sizes and colors, to serve our customers quickly and efficiently and to meet demand; 
  • Order, receive, catalog, process and control the quality of items received from our manufacturers;  
  • Put items online and market them;  
  • Prepare items for orders, package and ship.  

In our opinion, not enough stores offer exclusively trash/rock style products, especially in Canada. Rockers must shop in many different locations to find whatever they like at competitive prices. We intend to remedy to this situation by proposing, at an international level, an online store offering a wide range of items for men and women that has affordable prices, fast and free delivery policy anywhere in the world, generic products and branded products (the subject of this project) and a 100% rock style for our fans. We are aiming to become the favorite online store for rockers on the planet, nothing less!

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