Foodwave - The Microwave Reinvented
Foodwave - The Microwave Reinvented

Short Blurb

Imagine having a microwave that heats food evenly the way it should. Imagine taking that microwave anywhere you want, and having tasty warm food anytime, anywhere. That's what this project is all about.

Project Description

How many times have you heated food in the microwave, only to realize that it's still cold when you eat it? Burned yourself by touching the ceramic plate and still biting into cold food? Maybe a mix of hot and cold in your food?

This has happened to me for years now, and several months ago, I got fed up with it. I pulled my pasta out of the microwave THREE times and some parts burned my mouth while others remained cold.

This is what led our group to build the Foodwave microwave! The Foodwave microwave is designed to detect the different temperatures in the food, and concentrate on the colder areas. As a result, the food is cooked and warmed evenly.

We made a prototype out of my old microwave and it's working really well. Now, we want to give one to everyone. No one should have to endure the pains of a crappy microwave.

Funny enough, I see microwaves on Amazon claiming to cook evenly but all they do is cook slower and wait for heat to spread out by conduction. To top it off they cost 300+ dollars.

It doesn't end there. The microwave can also be used with a car battery or with its very own rechargable battery. Connect it to your car from the inside's cigarete lighter, the car battery from the outside, or use the rechargeable battery included!

Also, since we have all that power for the microwave, might as well add some USB ports for your phones to charge from. 

Whether at the beach or camping, sunny or pouring, you can enjoy warm food with your versatile, evenly heating microwave.

How You Can Help

We need your support to make any of this happen. If you found any of this interesting at all, remember to enter your email address and get an early invite to the 2015 Kickstart page. Exciting rewards await!

Please share this page with your social media pages and anyone else frustrated with their microwave! 


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