Foodie Scavenger Hunts
Foodie Scavenger Hunts

Our first Foodie Scavenger Hunt was in Providence. Now we're taking them nationwide to help people discover their local food scenes!

Taste Trekkers are foodies who travel. We're on a mission to showcase local food destinations across the country. We need to raise $20 grand in 20 days to bring our foodie scavenger hunts to 20 cities. 


The Foodie Scavenger Hunts

In the Spring of 2015, we want to bring this exciting, social way to discover new eateries to cities across the country!

How It Works:

  • Teams gather at the starting line, where they receive a list of clues to over a dozen culinary stops within walking distance throughout the city.
  • The teams have to figure out the locations and take a selfie in front of each one. (And taste some delicious samples at each place!)
  • The first team back with the most correct selfies wins a prize worth hundreds of dollars
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