Food Water Air Art
Food Water Air Art

This is more than a project, it's a movement!

Can art fuel a movement? You bet it can! History is thick with examples of artists igniting popular movements that spread important messages and challenge the status quo. We believe that art is as much a part of life as food, water and air. This campaign supports the creation of a limited edition of 22”x30” original silkscreen and digital prints created by Newark-based artist Lunar New Year (LNY), in collaboration with artist and master printer Jase Clark.

LNY's print, entitled FOOD WATER AIR ART, speaks to the need to prioritize, fund and support the arts. Two award-winning organizations –ArtPride NJ and the Printmaking Center of NJ have teamed up to mobilize the arts community and hand deliver FOOD WATER AIR ART posters to elected officials throughout NJ, giving arts organizations a chance to share personal stories about how the arts make a difference in their communities. LNY’s poster will be displayed in theaters, art galleries, dance centers and music halls as a call to action. Artists, arts supporters and performers nationwide will support the FOOD WATER AIR ART campaign, not only by making a contribution, but also by prominently displaying the poster, wearing the t-shirt and putting the bumper sticker on their cars, laptops, and wherever their creative hearts take them.

Join the movement! Tell friends and family to join it too!

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