Food cart for the 2016 NYC Vendy awards
Food cart for the 2016 NYC Vendy awards

This project has already launched.

Hello Everyone
Thank you so much for your time and attention. I learned on Sunday July 24th, 2016 that
I'm a Finalist for the Vendy Awards (a very honorable trophy for street food!) so the pressure is on to get my food cart operating! The award show is Sept 17th, 2016 on Govenors Island, so I only have a month and a half. I want to get my food into the hands of as many street eaters as possible! I need your help to do this. This business venture is very expensive and time consuming but totally worth it!

Since I am a Disabled Veteran of the Military, I can get a specialized food cart permit to vend street food at any city park in NYC(see permit reciept at the bottom of this page). Once this business is profitable, I would like to hire other disabled veterans and help them become their own Employers.

The food cart is going to cost about $8000 used with all the equipment I need on there (panini press, grill, refridgerator etc), and I'll need two months of an operational budget until I can use the sales of the food to pay back operating costs. It will look something like this


I started the Vegan Bandwagon after working for my Boss (Marty's V Burger) who inspired me to make a meaningful impact on the food industry. I have come up with a menu that is not only healthy, but eco-friendly and cruelty free. Follow me on

Here's all my licenses and ID's



That's me working Panorama Music festival July 23rd, 2016 for Marty's V Burger (My Vegan Employer)


I had a great time Vending at Panorama Music Festival. Alot of people we're excited to try Vegan food!


Sometimes we teach people how to be Vegan. It's pretty awesome.



This is my permit receipt. I can schedule for a food cart inspection at any time. It took me about two months of exhaustive administrative paperwork to get this permit authorized! I'm ready to start my food operations though! =)

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