Folded Space - Board Game Inserts and Organisers
Folded Space - Board Game Inserts and Organisers

This project has already launched.

We have created Folded Space to bring to you products which will change the way you store, transport and, most importantly, play your games.  

The products will be;

  • Functional
  • Lightweight 
  • Robust
  • Affordable 
  • Fun to Build 

We have made the inserts functional by spending a year developing and testing our designs. Each design has been through several versions, cut and assembled from test materials. We have then tested them both for storage and for game play. All our designs have been digitally rendered and are ready for production. 

Our products are produced using a material and manufacturing process new to the board game industry. We have taken tried & tested ideas and methods used to mass produce 3D toys and models by companies local to us. The products use a lightweight 5mm thick sheet material composed of a layer of EVA foam to which two layers of colour printed card are laminated. The resulting sheets are robust, moderately flexible, and can be precision cut using die-cutting. 

These accessible mass-production processes produce an affordable insert. We will manufacture sufficient standard sheets for all products sold in the campaign in a single bulk order. These sheets will then be die cut using molds prepared for each of the board game insert designs we have developed. By reaching the funding target above we will have sufficient production volume to bring each individual insert to you at a very competitive price. 

You will receive a card box containing a number of cut sheets of the card/foam material. The box will also include printed instructions making the insert fun to build using everyday PVA glue. 

Delivery of all products will be made in February. 

Product List 


 How to Pledge 

To become a backer, simply choose the items from the above list that you would like to receive, add up the total price, and enter this amount on the Inserts and Organisers Selection pledge option above. We will be using Backerkit after the campaign is over to request from each backer the products chosen, and then we will send you the charge for shipping (please see shipping section below for further info).  

All products have been added to a products page on our website. The functionality of the site is limited at this stage, however you can add products from the list to your cart, and then click the cart symbol on the top right of the page to see your cart contents. There will be a Total amount at the bottom. Copy and paste this amount as your pledge on the Kickstarter campaign page. 

The product list page can be found by clicking the following link;



Design Principles

The design of our inserts is based upon four key principles;

  • Include as many of the expansion options for the game as possible
  • Trays to have sufficient space for sleeved or un-sleeved cards
  • Tray layout to aid game play, as well as set up and clear-away time
  • Insert to have a snug fit in original box to protect components
Individual Product designs 

 FS-AGR is compatible with both the original 2007 edition, and the revised 2016 edition. Please note that as an exception to our general rule, there is enough space for only two-thirds of the cards to be sleeved in the original 2007 edition rather than all cards. All cards can be sleeved in the revised edition. 






 FS-CON includes room on top of the trays for two boards, the original board plus one other. The trays have space for the components from the original game plus those from the Salsa expansion. You can therefore use this insert to store the original plus Salsa expansion OR the original plus the Britannia/Germania expansion. The insert also includes parts for assembly  to house just the original game.














 FS-IST allows storage of the original game plus both expansions, all in the original game box. 




 FS-LCG comes with four square token trays in total, meaning it can be used either for maximum card storage (as shown above) with space for 900 quality sleeved cards, or one of the smaller internal card trays can be removed to make room for the other two token trays leaving space for 810 sleeved cards. Please note that the trays for cards have no bottom, hence cannot be removed from the box when full. The insert is designed for games with a box size of 29.8 x 29.8 x 7 cm, the larger standard for LCG games. Please check this size matches your game before ordering this product.












 The Dice Tower includes a closing tray to both store dice when not in use and aid storage/transport of the tower itself. The Dice Tower measures 10 x 11 x 21 cm when constructed and with the drawer closed.

Please note that we intend to incorporate any improvements we can in the designs right up to the time of production. Therefore the final designs may vary slightly from those above.

Demo Products  

Below are images of our demonstration products produced using the blue EVA foam used for our Essen Spiel 2017 stand. The final foam used for the Kickstarter campaign inserts will be a grey colour. These demo inserts show how the insert trays fit together and how they are used during game play.



The material we use is a 5 mm thick sheet of EVA foam laminated with printed card. When cut using our die cut molds we can achieve exact 90 degree angles and complex forms and shapes.  


Please note that the above image is of our Essen Spiel demonstration foam, the final product will be with a grey foam.

Third-Party Company

Folded Space is a third-party company as all our current products are unofficial and not licensed by the games' producers. All components and boxes shown in any images or game names used in descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. 

Assembly Instructions 

Each of our inserts will come with a printed instructions sheet. To assemble you simply lay the sheets of cut material out in front of you and select the pieces needed for the particular tray you are assembling as shown in the diagram. Assembly requires ordinary PVA glue. The instructions supplied in the boxes will be in black and white, but the original colour instructions will be on our website in pdf format. 



Once the campaign is over and you have replied to our survey to show which products you have backed, we will use Backerkit to send to each backer his final shipping costs. We will be charging each backer his actual shipping costs, which will vary depending upon what products they have ordered and the shipping destination. 

We will ship from the EU. A standard sized game priced at £8.50 consists of four sheets of cut material. Such an insert plus packaging weighs just under 500 grams. Estimated shipping costs for a single standard sized insert, and also for 4 such products shipped together are as follows;




  Project timeline 

We will be shipping all products at the end of January 2018. We plan for backers to receive their packages by end of February 2018. The detailed timeline for fulfilment of the campaign is as follows;


A note on the future

We plan to launch a second Kickstarter campaign in 2018 to expand our product range. We will be surveying backers of the first campaign and our followers on Facebook to see which titles to add to the 2018 campaign.

While we believe wholeheartedly that the third party products above bring an important new option to board gamers to greatly improve their gaming experience, this is really the tip of the iceberg in terms of the possibilities for the concept. 

Full colour printing, choice of foam colour, and bespoke designs mean that Folded Space can produce complex and functional inserts for board game developers to further enhance the experience of their customers. This, combined with the mass production processes used in manufacturing our inserts, means games developers of any size can add such a product for their future or existing games. 

Thank you for your interest in our campaign!


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