Foldable Backpack KOSTA
Foldable Backpack KOSTA

This project has already launched.

KOSTA Backpack Introduction

If you were looking for comfortable, stylish and functional backpack, you have found one!

KOSTA bag is bright and multi functional foldable backpack.  

Hydration backpack for active summer (bicycling, running, walking, travelling) and active winter as well!

10 Main Features of KOSTA Bag

  1. Ultra lightweight and durable
  2. Front and back reflective lines
  3. Cool and Stylish
  4. Waterproof
  5. Foldable into a small pocket
  6. Expandable with additional zipper
  7. Water supply system
  8. Easy to access cards/keys/coin pocket on a strap
  9. 6 pockets
  10. Skate holder

Expandable with additional zipper

Need to put your jacket or windbreaker into backpack? No problem. Just open special zipper and enlarge your KOSTA Backpack.


KOSTA Bag is Waterproof

Rain is not an obstacle for travel anymore! Keep your things dry even in bad weather!

Easy to access cards/keys/coin pocket on a strap

Need to get the keys or money from the backpack?

Now you do not need to take off a backpack! Just use coin pocket on a strap.

Water Supply System

Many Pockets for All Your Needs

Skate Holder

Don't forget to take your skateboard with you! Just use skateboard holders. 



I had lots of different backpacks but none of them suits all my needs.

And guess what?

I designed a perfect backpack for active lifestyle!

Now I want to share my backpack with you!

Select your Perk and Get your KOSTA Bag in May 2018!

We need the founding to start bulk production because the factory cannot manufacture a small amount of backpacks with our unique design.


KOSTA Backpack Timeline

Risks and Challenges

The funds we are raising will go directly to the manufacturing of the backpack. We do not see any risks during the production, however if some unexpected circumstances occur we will always be 100% transparent with you and do our best to solve all the questions. Our main goal is to deliver you high quality product with great features.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a water supply system included in the bag?

Yes, we deliver KOSTA backpack with water supply system. However if you do not need it, you can select perk without it.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping cost depends on your country.

What is the weight of backpack?

The weight of KOSTA backpack is 200 grams.

Is KOSTA Backpack waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof. However, if you are going to swim with a backpack, it is not a good idea. It will not protect your things.

What payment methods do you accept?

On Indiegogo platform we can only accept payment by Credit Card, no other methods, sorry.

When I get my backpack?

You will receive your backpack in May 2018. 

About Us

This is me and my family and we love active lifestyle!

We invented KOSTA bag especially for people on the move!

Please support our project and get your own KOSTA foldable hydration backpack.

Our Team

   Kostja – idea

   Anna – prototype creation

  Alex – mental and financial support

   Alexey – photo for the project

  Andrey – Video creation

   Amy – manufacturing manager

KOSTA foldable backpack prototype was desinged and will be manufacturing by  Quanzhou Muni Bags Co., Ltd. - a professional supplier of backpacks, cooler bags, hydration packs, outdoor bags, sports bags, etc. 

   Mr. Tracy Yang  Director/CEO of Quanzhou Muni Bags Co., Ltd.

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