Fly Girl Hats
Fly Girl Hats "BE YOU" Project

This project has already launched.

The Fly Girl Hats Be You Project is all about girl empowerment and encouragement through fashion. Our goal is to provide every girl in the world with confidence through self expression. We want to show girls around the world that it is okay being different and to embrace those differences. 

Whether you are a big girl, dark girl, natural hair girl or tall girl, our mission is to give the courage to be proud of who and what you are. Our customized hats cater to those individuals who aren't afraid to express themselves proudly.

With the funds raised we will be able to order a variety of inventory to include different colors and styles of fashion forward hats. We have been in contact with a hat manufacturer who will provide our inventory. We will do all the customization at our location in Plantation, FL.

The main challenges that our Fly Girl Hats Be You project faces are competitors. There are multiple hat companies that customize hats all over the world. However, what makes us different is our focus on self expression and confidence.

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