FloCard Cordless iPhone Charger
FloCard Cordless iPhone Charger

The FloCard is the first of it's kind cordless credit-card-sized iPhone charger.

External battery packs are the worst. They make a phone weigh twice as much and double its size. Let's face it, if we wanted our phone to be a brick, we wouldn't bother buying an iPhone.




The beautiful but power-challenged iPhone also can't seem to stay alive for longer than a work day, forcing us to choose between the look and feel of our mobile device or the functionality of having a battery life past 5pm everyday.


This decision is a hard one. That's why the FloCard exists.

 Small and sleek, the FloCard slips in your pocket taking up no more space than a credit card and awaits just the right moment to save the day. Whether its drinks with friends after work or a late evening business meeting, the FloCard offers you the 4-5 hours of battery life you need to make it to the end of the night.




Though the credit card design and size helps, the real brilliance of the FloCard is its hatred of cords. No longer must you carry around an external battery or power jack with a cord to connect it to your phone. Both the iPhone charger and the USB are integrated into the FloCard's design.


Keep your iPhone sleek & its battery full. Get a FloCard.


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