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Save money and prevent plastic bottle pollution. With the Flo-Bro One water filter you can easily filter water from any freshwater source - anywhere in the world!  




Our goal has always been to develop an easy-to-use water filter, that doesn’t need electricity, nor expensive cartridges. The core of Flo-Bro One filters viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. Additionally, you can use the add-on Carbon+Zeolite capsule to reduce heavy metals and chemicals.






Benefits of bringing Flo-Bro One on your next trip 





We all love traveling. It’s one of those things you can’t get enough of and wish you can do as often as possible. We are not going to give you all the advantages of traveling, nor tell you why it’s great – you already know this. Instead, we would like to talk about the other side of traveling: 

  • It costs money
  • It increases your carbon footprint on the Earth

Now, what if we would tell you that Flo-Bro One could reduce both of these effects? Let us give you a few examples:





Thanks to its light weight and compact size, you can take Flo-Bro One anywhere you want.

Exactly 130 grams (4.6 oz.) and 16 cm (6.3 in) is the space you need to bring this powerful water filter on your next journey.


 And it floats.




The universal design of Flo-Bro One allows you to filter water from any freshwater source. Attach it to your tap or shower hose inside your room, or go outside and collect water from a river or lake. No matter where you are, you always have access to clean drinking water.




This technology makes expensive replaceable cartridges a thing of the past and brings reusability to the present. Clean your water filter to extend the lifetime to several years and thousands litres of water.


At Flo-Bro we believe that simple and durably designed products are the core of sustainable development. That vision led us to the creation of a simple cleaning procedure, which enhances the lifetime of the filter. This eliminates the need for expensive and often polluting, replacer cartridges.


Flush: Open inlet 1 and 2, and connect Flo-Bro One to a hose. By opening the water tap, the water flows through the filter, taking most of the build-up dirt with it, and thereby extending the lifetime.

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When you notice reduced performance (water flow gets slower), then you should backwash the filter. 

Backwash: Connect a PET bottle to the outlet and start filtering. Once your bottle is half filled, screw it tightly onto the outlet. Then disconnect Flo-Bro from the hose and open both inlets. Turn the bottle upside down and squeeze it. This forces water to flow backwards through the membrane, loosening accumulated dirt and flushing it back. 











 The Carbon+Zeolite capsule has been designed with nature in mind. Activated carbon, made from coconut shells, is the gold standard in removing water born chemicals. Zeolite is a natural rock of volcanic origin, that can absorb metals. This powerful duo is placed in a permeable paper bag, made of natural fibers.  

Once you put this capsule in your filtered water, it will slowly absorb many substances, such as chlorine and pharmaceuticals. After a few days it will saturate and should be thrown out. As it is made of natural products, it does not harm the nature after disposal.

Carbon+Zeolite Capsule 
Carbon+Zeolite Capsule



1. Connect Flo-Bro One to a shower hose, tap, or collect water from outside

2. Screw an empty plastic bottle onto Flo-Bro One

3. Let water flow through the filter

4. Unscrew the plastic bottle and enjoy purified drinking water!




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A collection of the Flo-Bro evolution. It all started with that long clumsy device to test the functionality. Along the way we improved on the design, durability, and the add-ons were included.













Join our mission of making drinking water more accessible worldwide, and help spread the word!










We are Radek & Robin, two guys who, just like you, love to travel. During our 6-month journey through South-East Asia we were shocked by the amount of plastic polluting the jungle and beaches, so we took it upon us to come up with a solution. This is where the idea of Flo-Bro One was born: an easy-to-use water filter for travelers, which doesn't need expensive cartridges.  


Radek graduated with a Master’s degree in chemical engineering, specialized on separation technologies. He then worked several years in the R&D department of a global company that produces industrial filtration systems for municipalities, factories, breweries and others. He downscaled this technology to the size of Flo-Bro One, so you can carry it anywhere in the world. 

For over a year we have been developing and testing several prototypes of Flo-Bro One. We are super thrilled to share our solution with you! A portable, affordable, and durable water filter for travelers that provides a solid alternative to bottled water. Together we can make traveling more sustainable, and fight plastic bottle pollution. 

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