FLIP WALLET 2.0 - Minimal Wallet, Maximum Colour
FLIP WALLET 2.0 - Minimal Wallet, Maximum Colour


Last year we introduced Kickstarter to Arkin's minimal Flip Wallet, and this year we are taking the design to the next level. Upgraded features along with a blast of brightness bring functional individuality to your pocket.

Inspired by music, adventure and good friends, ARKIN create wallets and accessories that compliment a lifestyle filled with good times.

Whats New?

There have been a lot of minimal wallets on Kickstarter, and we mean ALOT! Some have been good, some really really bad and but mostly they have been a little bland.

Flip 2.0’s minimal design makes it perfect to use anywhere, a great everyday wallet, or just your weekend card holder.

A bright start to the day with the Jewelled Flip 2.0
A bright start to the day with the Jewelled Flip 2.0

From the start we really wanted to bring colour and creativity to the Flip Wallet. Our plan, and this new Kickstarter project is all about injecting some real personality into an object you use daily.

After months of researching, experimenting and testing we have found a way to add all the pattern and colour we can dream up to our wallets. This project is about raising the funds to purchase the equipment we need for short run sublimation printing, giving us the freedom to constantly change up our designs - minimal wallets with maximum colour!

Not only that, but we have upgraded the original Flip Wallet design to make it more robust and user friendly.

Flip 2.0 - Updated Design

  • Flip 2.0 is perfect for carrying your essential cards
  • Attach your keys using the new key tag.
  • Stronger seams and upgraded features
  • Fashion forward and minimalist
  • Hand-crafted in the UK
  • Same high quality elastic
  • Bright patterns full of personality
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