Flip Style Litter Box
Flip Style Litter Box



If you’re a cat lover, then you know that no matter how much you love your cats, there’s one task that you dread every week. (Well, let’s be fair – if you have to give your cat medicine by mouth– that’s the task you really dread! But this task is right up there!)

We’re talking about cleaning your cat’s litter box.

No matter how neat and clean your cat is, a litter box has always been a pain to clean, as we don’t need to tell you.

The Kitty Litty solves the problem of fiddly little shovels; puffs of litter-dust that you don’t want to get all over your house, let alone breathe in; and the general, overall mess that can sometimes occur when cleaning a normal litter box.

Traditional litter boxes

Traditional cat litter boxes require a shovel to sift through the litter for all the droppings, which takes time. And there’s always some left behind, isn’t there?

The shovel gets dirty, the area around the box gets dirty from where the litter spills onto the floor, and you typically must squinch your nose up against the dust that rises up as you sift through the litter.

“Clever” but inconvenient litter boxes

Inventors are always trying to improve cat litter boxes – that’s how much of a pain cleaning them is! – but they all fall down in one way or another. Some, for example, have a rolling feature where you can roll the entire box over to capture the litter into a pull out container. However, while that litter box is clever, it is massive and takes up a lot of room. It also invariably causes a cloud of dust to rise in the air, and in many cases can be even messier then the traditional box.

Introducing Kitty Litty


Those three little words will warm your heart.

Pet litter cleaning all done in 3 seconds.

No more shovels, scoops and liners.

Watch the video to see how the Kitty Litty works.  You’ll believe your eyes – and then you’ll want one of your own!

What We Need

Our company, Tweebaa, represents a new concept in product discovery and innovation.

People submit products and inventions to us, our members evaluate and share the products and if there is enough interest, we step in and start its design and manufacturing.

The Kitty Litty is the first product for which we are raising funds via crowdfunding. (Check out our website at Tweebaa.com).

Tweebaa will be bringing more and more products to market using crowdfunding, which will enable our submitters, evaluators and sharers (as you’ll see at our website) to create new wealth together.

Because Tweebaa is a company in itself, with contacts in the manufacturing world, the crowdfunding-backers of our products can rest assured that the products they are backing will make it to market, and their rewards will be delivered on time.

The Kitty Litty has already been designed and is available for sale in small quantities, but we need to increase our inventory, take care of our patent costs, and then, of course, market this great product to the world.

Once people see what the Kitty Litty can do, it will sell itself – but they've got to see it first!

About the invention of the Kitty Litty, by Ernie Charette

From a very young age, I have always had an interest in developing and building new products that are a bit different from the current conventional devices. I always find myself trying to come up with ways make things faster, easier, or more efficient. I love the challenge that it offers and I am passionate about trying to find the very best solution!

My work takes me inside people’s homes on a regular basis – and I noticed on more than one occasion the sight and smell of cat litter boxes that were typically overdue to be cleaned.

I could understand it, I assure you! Cleaning a litter box is not somebody’s first choice to spend an hour, is it?

So, off I went to the drawing board! I started out by trying to design a better litter scooper. The design and prototypes that I came up with were very functional except they were still missing that quick and easy WOW factor. From there, I shifted my focus onto the litter box itself. I searched the patent data base as well as current market concepts and even though I found several interesting designs, I still felt that something was missing and a better design concept was waiting to be discovered!

My first step at this new approach was building a small scale version of a very unique design out of typical model plastic and glue. It resembled a brief case and even closed up like one. It worked really well and furthered my confidence of being on the right track. I realized that the closing up feature was a cause for concern and did not offer any real benefit so I decided that it was best to have it in an open and fixed position. Since this small scale version worked so successfully, I went on and built a full scale version by joining two litter boxes together and VOILA! Kitty Litty became a reality!

I then approached Tweebaa with my Kitty Litty prototype.

Very shortly after initially introducing Kitty Litty to them, not only were 3D drawings immediately created to begin analyzing the feasibility, but they made valuable suggestions for improvements. The follow-ups were excellent with top notch quality and attention to detail from drawings to strategy discussions.

It was with great pride that I saw my Kitty Litty become a finished product.

The next step, of course, is to get the Kitty Litty into people’s homes.

The Impact

The impact will be twofold.

First, of course, there’s the impact for cat lovers.

The time saved using the Kitty Litty is time they can now spend shoving their cat off the computer keyboard, getting him or her to chase a laser light pointer, or simply sitting watching TV with their cat comfortably on lap or across shoulders.

The second impact will be for the inventor of the Kitty Litty, as well as the submitters, evaluators and sharers at Tweebaa, to see a product they believe in make it to market and make a difference in people’s lives.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you know any cat lovers – and who doesn’t – please share this campaign with them so they can get in on the first wave of Kitty Littys to hit the market, just in time for Christmas!

Risks and challenges

*One of the challenges we faced was the sturdiness of the material that makes up the Kitty Litty. It has to be durable enough to support the weight of cat litter being transferred from one end to the other, and tough enough to withstand many cleanings and rough handling. After a lot of research, we chose the very strong M1200HS, hardness 124 to replace our initial choice of PP (M2600, hardness 98), to ensure the best quality possible for our customers.

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