Fling - The Carbon Fiber Launch System for Paper Airplanes
Fling - The Carbon Fiber Launch System for Paper Airplanes

This project has already launched.

For the last six months we have been working on a simple and fun way to launch a paper airplane with a rubber band. We believe we got it perfect. Let us introduce you to the Fling!

Most methods for launching paper airplanes ether require gluing or taping a rubber band to your paper airplane or some other complex fix, as seen below. 

All of these solutions are bulky, time consuming and greatly effect how the paper airplane flies. 

We wanted to come up with a simpler, better solution, and we are proud to say we have. In designing the Fling we set out with 5 goals:

  • Simple to Install. The Fling can be installed in under 60 seconds.
  • Re-usable. Lets face it paper airplanes aren’t forever, however the Fling should be. 
  • Kid Friendly. Kids of all ages should be able to install the Fling into their paper airplane and launch them. 
  • Looks Good. Style isn’t dead. 
  • Be fun for kids. Lets get kids of all ages to go out and play with something real.

We are happy to announce we have met these goals. The Fling is a simple Carbon Fiber insert for paper airplanes that provides a hook to launch the airplane with a rubber band.

There are two different types of Rubber Band Launchers available, Acrylic and Carbon Fiber. Acrylic ones are more economical while the Carbon Fiber Launchers are more durable, not to mention stylish. Both launch paper airplanes far and wide.  

 The Fling is easy to use and fun for all ages. For the best results follow these three steps:

You can make your favorite paper airplane or your can use our included paper airplane almanac to print off instructions and designs to our favorite paper airplanes. 

Inserting the Fling is easy, just press the point of the Fling's rubber band launcher into the bottom of your paper airplane. 

The point is sharp enough to punch through the bottom of the paper airplane, but rounded enough not to cut fingers or skin.

Once your Fling has been installed you are ready to go! All that's left is to loop the rubber band on your fling, pull back and let go!

We have lots of fun profiles designed and ready to go. Help us raise the funds to unlock them and make them a reality

Check out our vision! New carbon fiber profiles will be unlocked as backers pledge their support. At the end of the campaign, you'll be able to pick which profiles you like from each unlocked design, whether that is a pack of Yak-55s or F-35s, the choice is yours. 

We will collect this information in the same surveys we collect shipping information.

Included with every pledge is a copy of our digital eBook Tray's Paper Airplane Almanac. It contains instructions and designs for 6 different airplanes. 

With the eBook you can print out as many sets of instructions or designs as you like! 

Each design has been optimized to look good in color or black and white depending on the printer you have access to. Want to preview of what we are talking about? Click the link below to download our sample pack!

Our last Kickstarter taught us what it takes to deliver on time. We know how long it takes produce a large amount of Flings and we know how to get them to you on time. 

We cannot see into the future, but we will do everything possible to get you your perks as soon as possible. As production comes along we will keep you informed with weekly updates. 

The standard pack comes with what you see above: (3) Flings, and (1) Acrylic Rubber Band Launchers. 

The standard pack comes with what you see above: (3) Flings, and (1) Carbon Fiber Rubber Band Launchers.

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