Flight Cap Inc.
Flight Cap Inc.

This project has already launched.

Flight Cap is the only travel booking application that allow members to purchase commercials and private jet flights for a capped price.  That's right! No more fluctuating airline ticket prices. Flight Cap brings you the results you need to have the best travel experiences, share your plans with friends, or save trip ideas for later.  Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique travel experience, by turning the once a year vacationer into a frequent flier. 

Travel was meant to be enjoyable, but has now become a hassle with long lines and extreme out-of-pocket cost. Flight Cap saves you time and money by providing capped pricing on airline tickets as well as exclusive member discounts on baggage fees, pre-check access and priority boarding, just to name a few.  

We help you easily find, save and book travel plans with ease, by connecting you to community recommendations, rich content, and useful communication services - personalized for you in one simple app. Whether you are looking for inspiration in wanderlust, entertainment, or just want to find a cool place for dinner while on vacation, Flight Cap serves as your personal flight concierge, available to you 24/7.   

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