Flaming Heart
Flaming Heart


"Flaming heart" - the world's first pendant with real fire inside. The case of our pendant is made of glass, wood and metal elements.

  We have harnessed fire and use the "protect flame" system. Because of this you can wear our pendant.  

 We have invented and patented a special liquid. This liquid has a low combustion temperature.


It Is Safe!

"Flaming heart " it's absolutely safe. In our pendant we use a real fire , but "flaming heart " not more dangerous than lighter. Maim advantages

1) our patented special liquid with low combustion temperature.

2) our case dissipates heat. The real fire inside the case, but a little heat on the outside.


How To Use It?

"Flaming heart" is incredibly easy to use. You need only to put it on your neck and ignite cartridge. We don't use any mechanical parts. Our pendant has a very durable design. It's a beautiful and stylish accessories which is also very easy to use.

You Can Choose!

We propose 3 types of "Flaming Heart" cases. It may be wood, transparent plastic or opaque plastic. You can chose one of 10 types of lens. So you can customize your own "Flaming heart". For example, you can choose white case and lens #3 or black case and lens #9. That's why you need to write you preference.


 This Is Our Case!

1. Without flame,

2. With simple flame,

3. With futuristic green flame.

How We Create It?

Quality of products is our main goal. We use only the latest equipment and high quality materials. You can be confident in the quality of the "Flaming Heart".

Allocation Of Funds


Our Product Look Good Evven Without Flame!

Work Plan


Our Team

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Michael Jordan. 

We have united in a team to create a line of hi-tech products for you. Smart distribution of responsibilities and tasks gives us an opportunity to reach assigned goals in the shortest deadlines. High efficiency and creative view of things ensures a coordinated work of the whole team, so that we always meet your expectations!  

Risks And Challenges

We have a working prototype. We use only high quality materials from reliable suppliers. Design is complete, product components and production cost calculations have been analized and double checked. We will use the funds to purchase raw material and pay our talented work force to build and assemble each unit. This project would not be possible without you!


                        Launch project -14 September

Feedback: E-mail: Cerebro-group@mail.ru

Skype: volking7

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