Flagship Grill Pan
Flagship Grill Pan

This project has already launched.

Flagship Grill Pan: totally re-imagined & urbanized cast iron skillet

Flagship Grill Pan brings the best features of outdoor grilling to the comfort of your kitchen: much healthier food with perfect “campfire” taste, and your meal also comes uniquely decorated by iron-stamped ornaments.

The Flagship Grill Pan is  available from April 4th, 2017 to early-bird backers on Kickstarter for $95.00, with a goal of raising $22,000 to start production.



The Flagship Grill key features:

Contemporary design which makes it stand out in any kitchen;

Fat-reducing moisture reservoirs help to lower cholesterol content of your food;

Dry-heat “open fire style” grilling due to the innovative easy flow system;

Unique ornaments are iron-stamped into the food;

Even heating is provided by its one of a kind thermostabilizing bottom;

Easier handling due to ergonomic handles and strategically placed spouts.

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