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FishVerify: Identify Fish with an App

Not sure which fish you caught? Just take a picture, FishVerify uses the latest in artificial intelligence to identify your catch.


FishVerify, a free mobile app, helps users identify freshwater and saltwater fish with the click of a camera while simultaneously providing pertinent local fishing regulations. The app provides up-to-date local rules and regulations on size and bag limits based on the phone's GPS location. It also describes the appearance of your catch in specific detail as well as habitats, fishing methods, state record and even edibility.

No other fishing reference tool on the market contains live scan ability or the ability to import an image of a previous catch to instantly identify the species. FishVerify uses the latest in image recognition and artificial intelligence to identify your catch in seconds.

A must-have reference tool to identify local marine life, understand the complex and ever-changing rules and regulations and learn about marine habitats.



Simply open the app, and scan or import a photo of your catch to quickly learn if your catch is in season, how many you can keep, the size limit, edibility, and much more.

After an image is taken, FishVerify communicates with our neural network and provides you with accurate species identification within seconds.






FishVerify began in April 2014 after our founders returned from a fishing trip unable to identify one of their catches.

Even with a combined 80+ years of fishing in Florida waters, they were still stumped by this mysterious fish. They decided to build an app that would identify fish and tell us the local rules & regulations.

Know the fish. Know the rules. Save the seas and support sustainable fishing.


We protect less than 2% of our oceans, even though 71% of our planet is covered by water. Fish are worth more to humanity than gold. Over 1 billion people rely on fish as their primary source of protein.

80% of the worlds fish stocks are fully or over exploited; we are overfishing our oceans.

Each year billions of marine animals, including many endangered species become bi-catch (the unintended victims of indiscriminate fishing practices). The incorrect identification of a particular fish species or not knowing the local rules and regulations are major contributors to the problem.

If we don't take action, some scientists have predicted that our fish stocks will collapse by the middle of the century.

Marine regulations work; they provide a refuge for species including fish, top predators and migratory animals by protecting the habitats they depend on during critical life stages .

Restoring our oceans will take time, so we need to act globally and act now.



We've spent nearly two years collecting data and testing multiple deep learning approaches to stand up a solution with the greatest accuracy possible.

Our matching approach uses a hybrid of tried and true computer vision techniques incorporated into a convolutional neural network using the most advanced artificial intelligence currently available.

FishVerify has over 1.5 million images and growing, spanning across more than 1000 unique fish species. For our beta release we've selected 150 of the most commonly caught fish in Florida and trained our system to recognize them and synchronize the latest fishing rules and regulations.

For a list of the currently trained species please click here.



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