First Smart Water Test For Your Home
First Smart Water Test For Your Home

Help us revolutionize environmental health

Beginning with the world's most powerful home water testing service, Tap Score.


New research shows that 1 in 4 Americans are drinking water with potentially dangerous contamination. Across the country more than 20% of Public Water Utilities are currently in violation of regulatory codes and more than 25% of private well owners are likely exposed to chronic contamination above recommended health-standards.

What's in your water?

To help you understand the water quality issues in your home, and the environmental health of your neighborhood, we developed Tap Score. Tap Score is the first ever smart home water testing solution with personal health analysis, optimized treatment matching and much more.

We Test, Therefore We Know

Tap Score screens your water for up to 200 regulated and emerging contaminants commonly found in the USA. If you are a well owner or a public water system customer, we will send you a tailored Tap Score package to your front door. After laboratory analysis is complete you receive 7 unique benefits not available in any other water testing service:

  • Professional Lab Testing for more than 200 regulated & emerging contaminants
  • Brilliant Water Quality Reporting that's ridiculously easy to understand.
  • Personalized Health Analysis explaining what the things in your water mean
  • Personalized Treatment Matching unbiased and optimized 
  • Local Risk Mapping of your neighborhood water and environmental health.
  • Lifetime Updates Your report notifies you of changes to local health data
  • Humans to answer your questions by phone and email.

Our goal was to give you everything you need, not only to get a full and clear picture of your water quality and health but to empower you to do something about it. We teamed up with certified environmental testing laboratories, public health professionals and water treatment experts to build what we believe is the most comprehensive and powerful water testing package and service available.

Help us revolutionize environmental health for homes and families in the USA.

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