FINZAK: Handmade Ties & Accessories for the Established Man
FINZAK: Handmade Ties & Accessories for the Established Man

Currently located in Las Vegas, FINZAK, travels door to door, providing elite concierge service to the established man. We specialize in handmade ties and men’s accessories. 


At FINZAK, all of our products are handmade and exclusively designed just for YOU. Our designs consists of over 2,000 different colors, patterns, and fabrics as well as the most unique men's accessories.

For the Dapper and Distinguished

Not only does our company specialize in men's neckties, we offer beautiful, one of a kind men's accessories that you won't find anywhere else. Let our company dress you from head to toe in the trendiest and most fashion forward accessories on the market. 

"People are going to stare, make it worth their while"

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