Fino Tab - World's First Shatter-Proof Tablet
Fino Tab - World's First Shatter-Proof Tablet

“The Portable tablet that guarantees exquisite style and technology”

Virginia: The world is set to experience the emergence of a first of its kind in the world of tablets, Fino tab.  It is an innovative product combining the power of technology, durability, accessibility and affordability.  Fino Tablet produced to be shatter-proof and lightest would make it ideal for anyone to carry along without the fear of damaging.  After all, everyone deserves a Tablet that won't crack even when gravity wins’.

With the Fino Tab, it enables smooth computing performance thereby ensuring easy surfing and consistent use of the net no matter wherever you are.  This portable android device also offers a wonderful combination of a unique style and technology.  It offers realistic viewing experience on an 8.2” Full HD Display and Quad-Core power features are second to none. 

Other outstanding and attractive features of the Fino Tab includes Long Battery Life, Seamless Video Streaming, User-friendly incredible design, Available in vibrant colors, Cinema like viewing, Lightweight and Ultra Slim. Just name it! What more can be asked for?

Fino aims at providing high potential gadgets to every hand with the taste of new technology’, so says the founder “Jared Ramos”.  ‘With an android 5.1 operating system, 4GB RAM, 5MP front camera, 32GB up to 128GB storage ability and 8MP Camera function, Fino Tablet surely stands out’.

All about Fino: With the urge to provide a high value branded gadget at an affordable price led to the establishment of Fino, in late 2013.  Loaded with an array of very experienced professionals in the technology sphere, Fino is enthusiastic about developing a high-class Tablet for all and sundry no matter the network subscribed to or the user’s location.  A first of its kind in the provision of a shatter-proof tablet, Fino is presently offering a 40% discount to early birds.

Fino can also be connected with on its website or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To pre-order the Fino Tablet visit at

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