Fingernails So Clean© - An Electric Fingernail Cleaner!  No More Dirty Fingernails...
Fingernails So Clean© - An Electric Fingernail Cleaner! No More Dirty Fingernails...

Finally a Perfectly Simple Device to Clean Dirty Fingernails Quickly With the World's First Electric Fingernail Cleaner!!!  

LAUNCH IS 11/14/16.  

We need Your help to get Fingernails So Clean© into every home.  Please  share this Prefundia to everyone you know.  We can not bring Fingernails So Clean© to market without You, Your Friends, Their Friends & Their Friends (get the idea?).    


We all want to feel confident and at our best all the time, but dirty fingernails can be an embarrassment that stops us from feeling and looking ready for anything.   

Fingernails So Clean© fixes the persistent and annoying problem in a Simple & Fast way that conventional methods just can't.  It does this by using electromagnetic technology to do what manual tools like nail brushes, tweezers, toothbrushes dental picks, manicure kits, soap & water just can't do. And... It does it under one minute...  


How does Fingernails So Clean© match up to Manual Tools?



Our Journey:  From our first "napkin" drawing to our fully functional prototype of Fingernails So Clean©.

Jeanne's Drawing, April 2016 - Rendering, July 2016 - Internal Profile, August 2016

Engineer  Rendering of Fingernails So Clean, August 2016©


Fully Functional Prototype Used for Testing to finalize CAD Drawings for Manufacturing Molds, October 2016.


Fingernails So Clean© Product Features:

       Water Resistant.

     √  Battery Operated (3 AAA bateries).

     √  Two brush heads to separately clean dirt from underneath fingernails and debris embedded in cuticles.

     √  Can be used without water!!!  Carry it wherever you need to look your best.

     √  Lightweight 

     √  Rubber grips on side to prevent slipping if using it with water and soap.

     √  The Device cleans easily with a dry or wet towel.  Just run the device against it to remove the debris.

     √  Add a bit of lotion to moturize and massage your fingertips and cuticles after they have been cleaned for pure relaxation! 


Our Campaign Launches November 14, 2016!!!  

Our patent has been filed.  The prototype works beautifully and the testing is completed.   The production package is complete and ready for manufacturing. Now we need YOU to help us (Please):

  • Raise the money for the Production Molds and the first run of 10,000 pieces!  
  • Spread the word to every mechanic, gardener, teacher, artist, chef, and friend who just has less than perfect nails.
  • Connect with us!  emails us questions, suggestions and ideas to

Help us to bring Fingernails So Clean© to every home.   

Come join us in making the world a better place, one pair of hands at a time!


Keep Connected with us!  Please...

Thank you for coming to our page.  We look forward to mailing You Your Very Own Fingernails So Clean© in 2017!

   Wishing you a great day,  Jeanne and Bryan


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