Fightlings: The Card Game
Fightlings: The Card Game

This project has already launched.

Fightlings is a hybrid of classic pair-matching games and modern card battler mechanics. The result is a unique living card game that rewards memory, planning, and adaptability. The game features tons of different Champions, Fightlings & Minions, a big bunch of tokens and loads of fun.

"For folks looking for a fun, quick game with some CCG flavor, Fightlings looks like a solid option." – Geeks Under Grace

"a bit Memory and a bit Magic..." – TGN

"...high quality ... played smoothly ... we already loved the app." – LITE Games

“The game is smart, fast, and you need memory in addition to luck. It’s a quarter-hour match and you'll be happy to repeat the fight immediately afterwards...” –  

"...looks pretty darn interesting." – Pocket Gamer

"The freedom in deck selection, as well as the construction of the individual decks themselves, makes each new round unique." –

"It's especially nice that the gameplay is not transposed 1:1, which allows the card game to have new innovations that make it a bit more complex." –

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