Fictionite: An Interactive Reading App
Fictionite: An Interactive Reading App

This project has already launched.

First, we bring multiple authors together around lavish StoryVerses. Within the sandbox environment of the StoryVerse, authors discover they are able to create better fiction faster as a collective effort. And readers following a StoryVerse will receive continuous new episodes without the long wait times in between.

A StoryVerse Map
A StoryVerse Map

Second, Fictionite invites the reader to join the story via our Story Dynamics™. Dynamics are reader input options that affect anything from the future direction of the plot to the death of a character. Some dynamics reveal hidden easter eggs.

a few of the many dynamics you'll help us create!
a few of the many dynamics you'll help us create!

The Fictionite Store provides a more traditional experience for readers who want to buy collective Seasons of their favorite series or StoryVerse. Or maybe you're looking to geek out on merch from your favorite stories. Readers will find all this and more in the Store.

Want to set your student readers up with their own accounts but still monitor what they are reading? How about their reading level, comprehension, and progress? For $5 a month, Fictionite allows you to tether up to 5 student accounts to your own. And of course you can use the gold coins from your Kickstarter reward to pay for the first several months.

The Dynamic Storytelling Process
The Dynamic Storytelling Process


Sure, developing a mobile platform of this scope and complexity is wildly expensive, but even more important than backer money is backer involvement. We need to know Fictionite works with hundreds of users. We need to know Fictionite works with thousands of users, hundreds of thousands and millions of users.

  • We need to know if it works the way you want it to work.
  • What dynamics do you want?
  • What stories do you want?

Please, join the story now and help us revolutionize storytelling.

The brainchild of a ragtag, vanguard of indie authors, Fiction Vortex™ emphasizes imagination and fun while breaking outmoded conventions. Fictionite™ is our first mobile app. Inside it, you’ll discover collaborative StoryVerses pouring out lavish episodic stories from your favorite worlds as fast as you can read them. Our unique dynamics allow you to join the story via plot votes, character auctions, and influence polls. Once you discover Fictionite, reading will never be the same. So with bubbling anticipation, we invite you to join the story.

These aren't all of our authors. These are the ones who wanted their pretty little faces to be highlighted here. I assure you, the others have pretty faces as well...they're just vampires and stuff like that.


Author names with links (in the same order as their head shots):

Jeremy C. SchofieldReese HoganMindie ErbDaniel AmatielloSavannah HulenKen HooverAlasdair KeithDustin EnnsSteve CotterillBeth BuckMichael CluffD.C. GolightlyCorinne KunzDavid Mark BrownA.J. BlackJesse EstesDesmond FoxNiels ChristensenVivian BelenkyJon ClapierKristen MillerScott BirenkottLee A. ChrimesK. Edwin Fritz; Tom Patchin; Quentin ThaynJ.M. WilliamsEugene MorgulisTracy BallantyneWilliam Aime; Joe Mankowski; Dave Kavanaugh

(*If you are a writer and would like to join our elite writing team, click here for our submission guidelines!)

Once this Kickstarter successfully funds (being optimistic here!) we promise to put the bow on the first release of Fictionite within a few months and get the download link out to all you wonderful backers. Those of you who choose a reward charged with gold Fi coins will receive the coins via your account with the release of v2.0 later this summer!

Those coins will immediately be available to buy anything in our in-app store. (Hopefully we will have our web-store set up as well!) The store will include:

We'll also have T-SHIRTS and POSTERS of all sorts!

StoryVerse and Series Tees (we'll design them cooler than this mock)
StoryVerse and Series Tees (we'll design them cooler than this mock)


logo header tees
logo header tees

Your gold coins will also be able to buy other digital and print reading content.

  • all our finished Seasons (usually around 10 episodes of a single series, and approx. 500 pages of content).
  • backlist ebooks previously written by our authors

You will also be able to buy our parent subscription feature that allows parents to tether student reader accounts, track reading progress, and filter content.

We currently have five StoryVerses producing content. Those are listed here. We also have several more in production, and with our growing expansion we plan on dozens more (spanning all fiction genres; NO EROTICA) over the next year. Click the images below to find out a bit more about each StoryVerse!







Historical Romance: Follow your favorite characters and their unfolding drama through different eras as they seek to uncover deeper personal and universal truths.

Of Metal and Magic: a high fantasy world built around the ancient rivalry between unicorns and dragons...and the magic they spawned among their human children.

Wizards in Space: a satirical science-fantasy in which magic serves as the technological fuel for a fantastical tomorrow.

Gridiron 2029: a near-future, cyber-thriller world focused on sports and those who love them, dark-side and all.

Modern Mythology: the ancient gods have been long awaiting a modern-day comeback. Their plans are closer to execution than anyone knows.

Heaven's Frontier: an imperialistic space-opera that merges Game of Thrones with Dune.

Fairytales/LitRPG: a mashup fairytale world that will draw readers in...figuratively and literally.

Gears, Gunpowder, and Souls: A punk-fueled alternate-history in which expansionism is driven by the hunger for magic, and magic is powered by human souls.


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