Feyalis Miniatures, The Eindal
Feyalis Miniatures, The Eindal

I have been working on the Tabletop game Feyalis for a couple years now and it is time to create some 28mm gaming miniatures for the universe I have created.  I will be starting off with the Eindal race, and branching off into the other races using the success and momentum of this Kickstarter when it launches.

Below I have a small sampling of some of the 3d models that could potentially make it into the campaign.  These simple renders give a general Idea of some of the characters that will be produced.

In the Green we have the Relic (top left) and the Darksphere Guardian (top middle).  The Redeye (bottom middle right) and Magnate (bottom middle left), and the remaining 3d renders are for the Jaek Militia.  

The models sampled here will be more refined and exhibit better detail in addition to new poses.  This is why I need your help!  

Getting 3d prints, having molds produced, and hiring sculptors to create more characters and units is very expensive so your commitment will make a big impact.  I encourage you to click the link below to look at more material from my world and sign up here on Prefundia.

With your help you will get a great new miniature from a new and unique universe. Thank you!


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