FestivalHub - reinventing your festival experience
FestivalHub - reinventing your festival experience

Beta Sign-Up List Open!

Once signed-up, as a thank you, all beta users will be put into a raffle for a chance to a win a free pair of US music festival tickets of their choice. Also, Beta users who share and refer out to at least 5 others to sign-up will receive a free limited FestivalHub t-shirt, bracelet memorabilia, and 5 more raffles to the music festival drawing.


We BELIEVE in a place where people should be encouraged on all aspects to explore new horizons, create personal connections, and travel to new destinations. 


We DESIGN to move the festival experience by not only providing valuable information and simplifying the planning process but most importantly focusing on the people from past, present, and future. 


We ARE a unified community platform that offers valuable resources to streamline an individual's festival experience. 


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