Fear The Night
Fear The Night

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Fear The Night is a series of Irish ghost story adaptations. These stories are an attempt at re-appropriating an understanding of Irish folklore from the post-modern gaze of contemporary Ireland. Each story will have an underlying recurring theme of a transitioning Ireland emerging from a mysterious Celto-Gothic age of unknown super-naturalism slowly being penetrated by a Christio-centric cultural framework. From this perspective it is our hope to achieve and create a viable contemporary place for classic Irish lore. The comic stories are intended to be a contribution and continuing of Irish cultural attitudes while presenting a contemporary style and feel. In the same manner of C.S Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien's modern British folklore (through Narnia and Middle Earth as re-appropriated root mythologies presented trough a lens of early modern British society) the Irish ghost stories will aim to revivify a living perception and participation of Irish historical lore.

There will be three major story types:

1) The classics retold: These are YOUR retelling of classic Irish ghost stories. If you don't know any there are lots of reference books. The way you tell your story is up to you, its literally that,your way! There is an editor and sub-editor so we can help out wherever necessary. We can also provide resource material. There are already a few scripts in circulation, we will work to compile a list of possible stories and make sure we don't do the same thing twice!  

2) A new scare: Lets hear something new. Possibly a modernization of a classic, a continuation of a classic or something altogether different. So long as there is a nod to the roots of the project, a Celtic theme of some sorts, its fair territory. A big part of the project is letting go of cultural biases and cliches and re-expressing a modern lived-in culture.... and yes, Ireland is a multi-cultural, liberal modern city that just legalized gay marriage by popular vote! Lets express the modern Ireland through story

3) Irish Diaspora: Its no secret the Irish made it everywhere! A small Island with 4 million people see 250 million people world wide claim Irish heritage! SO with that in mind, there as to be some stories out there that can be told! We want to see the Irish diaspora; not just Irish people abroad getting scared but the way in which the Celtic touch can be seen in so many places. Halloween is a Celtic celebration and recognized all around the world. Not only do we embrace the undead we embrace the Celts too! Lets see where the Irish signature ends up!

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