Fear - A Film about Islamophobia
Fear - A Film about Islamophobia

This project has already launched.

In the wake of anti-Muslim propaganda after a terrorist attack, 2 families are torn apart while a teen is pushed towards extremism.


We are raising production funds for our feature film "Fear". This story has was selected for the 2nd round of the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab! Please take a look, share, discuss and be inspired!



“Fear” is a fictional drama that tells three concurrent, intertwined stories of American combat veteran suffering from PTSD, his grief-stricken Muslim-American godfather and a bullied teen as a suicide attack in Afghanistan sends a town across the world in Pennsylvania into chaos. They navigate the rocky terrain of intolerance, misunderstanding and fear in their small Midwestern town as Islamophobia grips the nation. With this film, I aim to humanize the struggle of Muslim-Americans, capture the harsh realities of PTSD, show the consequences of ignorance, and inspire understanding and compassion for all.

This Story Needs To Be Told  

We are living in a scary time. People all over the world have given in to extremism, blaming all other groups for their radical behaviors. Caught up in demonizing each other, people are trapped in comfort zones of information, perpetuating an endless cycle of prejudice. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice, and more people choose it now than ever before. My goal as a storyteller is to challenge audiences to step out of their informational safeguards and foster empathy through understanding.

Early Praises

"Fear" earned a spot in the 2nd round of the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. 

 An early critique of "Fear" from Shorescripts:

 The Story

Anthony Lockheart is a young US Marine veteran returning home after losing his leg during a suicide attack in Afghanistan. In the blast, he also loses his childhood friend Salam Abdullah, a Muslim-American soldier, and the two other members of his team. After he returns home to Islamophobia gripping the nation, he grieves with his best friend’s father Suliman, who is also Anthony’s godfather and childhood mentor. 

With Islamophobia hitting especially hard in his hometown of New Weschester, Pennsylvania, Anthony is bombarded with anti-Muslim rhetoric from his friends, family and media. Though he rejects these notions, he cannot help but be affected. Combined with his struggle with PTSD, Anthony starts to grow suspicious of Suliman. 

As he mourns the loss of his son, Suliman leads a closed door campaign within his mosque to help a teen Ibrahim who sympathizes with radical Islam. Suliman spends more and more of his time tracking the young man, but keeps it secret from Anthony in order to protect the already compromised status of Muslims in his town. 

As Islamic extremist groups come to prominence throughout the world, Ibrahim Airtibak feels more and more out of place in his hometown. People are scared, politicians are fear-mongering and Muslim-Americans are left to fend for themselves. Those who were once his friends now shun and bully him. His girlfriend leaves him and his parents' clothing store is vandalized. The place he once called home now has become a hate-filled town in which he no longer feels welcome. 

New Westchester, Pennsylvania is a fictional town that represents the sad state of American politics. Americans are constantly surrounded by politicians and celebrities demonizing Islam because of extremists who pervert its teachings. This film serves as a warning of what is to come if we allow fear to infect the way we treat each other. 

The Message

Our world has transcended a time when individual fears and dreams were localized to small pockets of space throughout the world. We are connected in ways that previous generations never thought possible. But the potential is also there to destroy our sense of self so much that our thoughts are no longer our own. Old systems built to teach love for one another like religion are now merely tools for malicious dreams of small men. 

We believe that as filmmakers, we have an opportunity to instead open people’s eyes to real issues and solutions, luring the public to foster the beauty of humanity. We believe that art feeds our selfish nature to experience all that we can with little effort. Our plan is to use that nature to promote love and understanding for all and change the way we see each other. 

Extremism has no place in the world. As we move forward, we must understand that life resides on a spectrum, and peace can only be a result of compromise and understanding. "To know all is to forgive all" 

The world needs this story. Please help give us the funds to develop it.

The Mission

We need your help to get this film into production. First and most importantly, a successful campaign will be a great marketing point to let the world know that this story is wanted and needed to be told. Throughout our careers, we have gathered many talented and seasoned film veterans that we can call upon to create this important endeavor. The only thing we lack are funds.

If we meet our initial goal ($3300-$9,999), we will use the money to shoot a trailer which is a vital marketing piece to selling a film. 

If we exceed our initial goal (>$10,000), we will use the money to shoot a short film that will act both as a stand alone piece for submissions to film festivals, and also a proof of concept short film that will show producers what the feature film will look and feel like. 

If we vastly exceed our initial goal (>$300,000), we will use the money to shoot the full feature film independently, giving us complete control and freedom to make the film as it was originally envisioned. This, of course, is the dream scenario, as we will not have to answer to any executives that may try to change the story in the name of "commercial viability." 

In all scenarios, the majority of the money will go to cast and crew, allowing us to get the highest caliber creative talents without needing them to take a pay cut in order to take part.

Join The Dream

If you cannot donate, please share and contemplate these ideas. Together, we can bring this story to life!


Work Examples:

Peter Jang: Writer/Director/Producer - https://youtu.be/3PYUkqgc3X8

Shahaub Roudbari: Director - https://youtu.be/Ay3pvFTxONc

        Extreme Vetting: https://youtu.be/9mOeVqqKIzg

Risks and challenges

We want to make one thing clear: We are going to make this film. Even if it takes us a decade. If this Kickstarter fails and we have to shoot this with a handful of actors on an iPhone, we are confident in our abilities and resourcefulness that we can get it done, and get it done well.

That being said, this Kickstarter is more about a movement than just financing a film. We hope that this will be shared, talked about, and will inspire everyone around the country to take a step back and look at the people around them as human beings rather than a race, religion or creed.

Funding, however, does make it easier to make films. Your donations are deeply appreciated, and the money will toward a film that is sure to entertain, educate and inspire.

If the goal is met, we will make a trailer. If we exceed it, we will make a short film. If we get even more, we'll film the whole damn thing. We will also prove that you fine people want this film, therefore proving market viability and hopefully will expedite wider distribution. If there is anything that Hollywood likes to see when purchasing film, it's that there is a built in audience!

But we hope that, even if you can't donate, you will contemplate the goals of this project and share it with your friends, family and colleagues. Help us make a difference in our world through art!

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