Why FCH?

In this time of fast life we daily move in the environments where many people also move all of us use the same means of public life shopping centres,public transport,subway,mega stores,public toilets.

In that fast way of life we often forget about our health and hands‚"hygiene which are always in contact with the various things in the already mentioned objects,and exposed to all sorts of bacteria and viruses.

That's why we came up with the idea to make FCH – FOREVER CLEAN HANDS

What is FCH?

FCH is a small, elegant, compact, highly durable pendant for the keys, made of aluminum, covered with leather, which is used in the open position for opening and closing the door of the shops and public toilets (all models handrail), pushing carts in mega-markets, for holding in the public transport, carrying a full bags, without any nuisance by carrying ... On the front of the pendant is a bottle opener that you can use in the moments of rest, to open bottles with refreshing drinks.

At the top of the lever for drag (middle part of the pendant) is the magnetic mechanism that prevents self-opening of the lever.

Aluminium parts FCH's are painted with antibacterial color, made by British paint manufacturer Graham-Brown, which in itself already has a built-in protection against bacteria. This color protects against E. coli, Salmonella and 50 bacterial species, with efficiencies of 99.9%.

To whom is intended FCH?

FCH is constructed so that there are no sharp edges (can be worn in all pockets), it's easy, simple and safe to use, so that it serves everyone from 7 to 107 years of age, who are outside of their homes and are think about their health and protect against viral and bacterial infections with which they may come into contact through theirs' hands, which use to open the door, for pushing carts in mega-markets or for holding in the public transport.



How FCH is made?

On the design, construction and making of FCH were spent hundreds of hours, because everethyng was done manually, and with the handy tools. Therefore, we would like to help us with donations to launch mass production and to enable all people around the globe to use in everyday life FCH thus we give our modest contribution to combating infectious diseases transmitted by dirty hands.


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