Favbites-Discover the Food
Favbites-Discover the Food

This project has already launched.

Short Summary

A Mobile app for Android & IOS that will allow users to rate & review the individual dishes from any restaurant, allowing other users and food lovers to not only find the best restaurants to eat, but also find the best food that restaurants has to offer. The ratings shared by the users on the individual menu items are based on their experience on each individual menu items such as taste, etc. The users who provides the rating are the ones who have already tried the dish by visiting that restaurant.

Introducing FavBites:

FavBites is going to solve a big challenge that we are facing when it comes to restaurant industry. The reviews and ratings on the restaurants available today are generalized based on several factors such as service, popularity, location, etc. Those reviews are also long and boring to read, they only tell you 1/6th of the story and aren’t much useful when you are hungry and want something instantly. In addition FavBites will also allow users to order online, the app will allow restaurants to upload coupons as a promotion (through FavBites Admin app) to its customers, which can instantly be download to user’s phone or users can also take a screenshot and present it at the restaurant while checkout. This unique experience that FavBites provides not only helps users save time and money, but it will also offer users and restaurant’s owners to enjoy the best experience, with best food at best deal.

With FavBites you can search restaurants nearby using GPS, City or Zip code. On the HOME screen you can see the list of restaurants with their top 3 menu items. You can go to the profile and check the details about the restaurants, here you can explore more menus, see ratings on all the menu items, try them, and rate them if you wish. You can also see rating of other users, and by visiting user’s profile, you can check their post, ratings. You can also upload the picture of the food you tried, and share it with your friends and followers in social media.

Choosing a restaurant is one thing, but what about the food. Ratings on individual menu items means, now we have many option to try different food without hesitation of having second though of wheather it will be worth it or not?

Why is this so important to me?

As a food lover, I always want to try new food at a new restaurants, and often time I am set back with one question “what good here to eat”. It’s not like I don’t know how to order, being at a new restaurant I wanted to try something new, but you don’t know how the food is going to taste like if you are new that place and trying something you have never tried, you are also not sure if the food be worth your buck, or your time. Therefore I end up getting same thing I usually get, the only difference is I am ordering it on a different restaurant. I know I am not the only one who feel like this, or goes through this dilemma, I have seen many of us facing the same situation. I wanted to change that, or at least try and help, or make it simple. Favbites will be the app for food lovers, ones who have passion on dinning out, a fast food hopper, a fine diner, a stay home mom, a recurrent travelling business man. My goal is make the FavBites the only app that you will ever need to find the popular menu item in the restaurants or around you.

The Impact

Without App

With App

1. I wouldn’t know where to go for my 1st experience of Greek food.

1. Look up for the best Greek food/restaurant around me.

2. I can pick the restaurant that my peers think it's good.

2. I found exactly the restaurant I want to go, without wasting my time and effort.

3. I walk in the door with some excitement on my new adventure. I look at the menu, I don’t know what to order.

3. I ordered Moussaka which has been rated 4.75 out of 5 from 500 different people. I also checked out the picture of how Moussaka looks like.

4. I can pick one by looking at pictures through other apps (yelp, foursquare etc.), or ask the waiter.

4. My chance of liking Moussaka is high

5. I take my first bite, I wonder what that was- would have been better than this!

5. I love what I just ordered.

Your Contribution (What We Need & What You Get): 

What we need 

Currently, we have FavBites developed for Android & IOS. A fully functional website with same functionality as app is under development and almost completed (www.favbites.com). Check us out on web.  

FavBites currently have 12,000 restaurants and has over 175k menu items in 50 states. We are still working on gathering more restaurants and menus to include for the cities in all 50 states. In order to make the FavBites the only app that you will ever need to find the most popular menu item in the restaurants or around you, we will need to upload more data-an API regarding restaurants and their menus into our database. The way we can get the data-an API, is by partnering with singleplatfrom, openmenu, four square and many more, they specialize on storing menus and restaurant info from different restaurants. With few cents per API call we can implement all the menus into FavBites, offering wide selection of food and restaurants to the users.

With you contribution my team will be able to achieve many of our start-up goals. The goals are listed below:

1.  Purchasing an API's for restaurants data (menus, prices, etc) or even manually entering the data if necessary by hiring data entry personnel.

2. Building a robust back-end to store all the restaurants information, menus, user’s data (rating, picture post, reviews, etc.) and their individual profile. By purchasing high quality database, server space, FavBites won't have to compromise on the performance of the app in real time.

3. Invest in marketing so it can be reached to the target audience. SEO, press release, social media, food blogger, ads etc are some of the approach we will take to market FavBites. Some of the marketing approach we are going to use are explained in detail below: 

I. Social Media:

  • Create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to promote the app, posting app content such as post, users reviews, brief product video showing the benefit and how to use it several times in a week.
  • Paid Sponsors ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Form a group for people in Facebook with common interests related to the app's niche, so they can meet, talk and socialize regularly. 
  • Look for pages with 100k+ likes in Facebook & Instagram and reach out to their admins by making sure these pages have something to do with the focus of the app. Then give them a compelling reason to mention it.
  • Use blog images, infographics and visual content from the app to create content on Favbites’s Pinterest board.

  II. Bloggers & Media:

  • Ask the video blogger to mention product brief video on their video blog and ask them to talk about it.
  • Contact journalist, article bloggers, food blogger, technology bloggers who can write on niches that relate to the app.

 III. Pitch to app review websites:

  • Sites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice can generate a lot of buzz for the app if they mentioned it.

IV. Apply for the award:

  • Look or apply into awards such as the Kiip Build Fund or The Mobileys. If the apps wins, it will get a ton of exposer or just being there will get lots of exposer.

V. Run a contest:

  • For example, you can encourage people to tweet and share content on their social networks promoting the app. A random person every week can win a promo code to win cash prize of gift certificate.

Vi. Be obsessive about resolving negative reviews on App Store or Google Play because a happy customer is a brand ambassador for the app.

 4. Developing FavBites App for business, so that restaurants can update their information periodically, so we can eliminate the false information about restaurants, menus items, its price, recent deals and coupons and many more.

Even the project doesn't reach the entire goal, the amount collected will go toward development and promotion of the app so we can launch it and deliver what we promise. The backers who have supported us, will get to see this app in App Store & Google play and will always get an updates on how the development is going.

What You Get:

As a Users:

  1. Answer the question of what’s good here to eat: It will answer 1st question on their mind when they are hungry.
  2. Visit local restaurants and explore restaurants at other cities: It will allow users to visit different restaurants and try food they have never tried before. 
  3. Order food without having second thoughts and enjoy the most popular dishes: It will give them information about the food before they order, information such as how many people have tried it before and liked it, what’s the rating on it, their short reviews about the dish, pictures etc.
  4. Improve the overall dining experience: With all these offerings, users will improve their dining experience and enjoy benefit that Favbites provides.

 As a Restaurants/Business:

  1. Promote their business by leveraging on their popular items: They will be able to tell the whole world that they make one of the best eggplant Parmesan.
  2. Competitive advantage over competitors by leveraging on their popular items: They will have competitive advantage over their competitors. For e.g. if two restaurants in the area has eggplant Parmesan in their menu, the one with highest rating certainly drive customers in because of its popularity among many users.
  3. One bad review doesn’t drive away all their business: They will have a tool where they can enjoy honest feedback about their dishes, and not have their whole business judge by one single review.
  4. Improve overall dining experience of its customers: By serving delicious food, and getting feedback on their menu directly, they are providing their customers with great experience.
  5.  Take advantage of customer analytics through Favbites: Favbites is turning restaurant customers into social media marketing team, where restaurants can take advantage of the feedback gathered from the customer to help their business grow.

Risks & Challenges

Challenges such as:

1. Adding API's or even manually entering all the restaurants information and their menu to the database and being able to keep that information updated.

2.  Competing with Yelp, foursquare, zamato, grubhub in terms of user's reviews and deliveries could be a big challenge.

3. Marketing the app and user activities in the app (activities such as: rating/reviewing each dish by the users, uploading pictures, etc) could be challenging, if the right marketing approach is not taken.

4. Executing online ordering and self-pick/delivery can be challenging.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean that you can't help:

Please if you like this idea and wanted to see this in action, please share this project with your friends and followers encouraging them to contribute. Ask your folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign. You can use Indiegogo share tools to get the words out.

I really thank all of your generosity and we will see you in App Store & Google Play. 

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