Fate Foretold
Fate Foretold

This project has already launched.

Fate Foretold is a tarot-inspired strategy card game where players race against one another to take control of Fate itself. Fate Foretold is honed and crafted to inspire hours of fun and epic gameplay for you and your friends.  

Gather around the table and take a turn at tempting fate. Use your wits and all the luck you can gather to make it through victorious! Pledge allegiance to kings, gain a spell from a witch, heed warnings in constellations, and use the power of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse to bring ruin to your enemies and emerge as the victor! Fate Foretold is a brilliantly illustrated creator-owned card game designed for 2 to 6 people.  You can play it in your kitchen, around a campfire, in your dorm, in a park, a party, or anywhere else you can imagine.

You’ll have a blast trying to assemble the right group of cards to master Fate, and even more-so when your friends are trying as well. Every one of the sixty-six cards in the game is unique, with custom artwork and a lasting effect on how the game is played. The best part about Fate Foretold is its endless replayability. Games are shaped as much by the players as the cards themselves, and with each card being unique, no two games will ever be alike! You can’t just play the cards to win: you have to play the players as well.

Each copy of Fate Foretold contains a deck of 60 Fate cards, 6 Sigil cards, and the instruction quick-start guide. That’s all you need to play- no pens, no dice, no tokens or note pads: just the deck and some friends! 

At the start of the game, each player draws a hand of five cards from the deck in the center of the table and are dealt a Sigil card. Players then take turns based on their Sigils, and each turn can play a card from their hand and then draw a card. By playing one of the 60 unique Fate cards, a player pledges themselves to the suit of the card, and gains its effect for themselves. After a player has pledged themselves to one of the four suits fully by filling their field with them, they control Fate and win the game!

The Fate Foretold team has spent the last 2 years working to ensure that our game is not only fun and balanced, but a professional and exceptional game we know players will love playing for years to come. We’ve self funded everything so far, from the artwork to the designs, in order to show our passion and belief in the game, and we finally think it's time to go public. In order to share our game with the world, we need your help so we can give Fate Foretold the last push into the final stage of production.

September 1st, 2016 - September 30, 2016

We're almost ready for full-scale production. Fate Foretold has two years of playtesting behind it, and after the final art is generated by our talented art team, we're ready to go. We will be keeping constant updates during and after the Kickstarter so you can follow Fate Foretold until it ends up on your doorstep! 

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