Fantasy Treasure Chest by Fantasy Coin, LLC
Fantasy Treasure Chest by Fantasy Coin, LLC

This project has already launched.


We are making a Fantasy themed Treasure Chest to hold coins, cards, dice, meeple, or any other valuables. The final version is complete and the manufacturer is ready to begin production. All we need now is your help to bring this epic fantasy item to life!

Estimated Cost per chest:  $35 -$40


We built this chest to last! The solid catalpa wood construction is ½” (1.3cm) thick, nailed together and surrounded by galvanized (painted or bare) iron brackets. This ensures that the chest will be able to hold a very heavy load and will not be easily broken into.




The embedded skeleton key lock provides higher security than most “treasure chests” while keeping the feel of the fantasy world intact. It is even possible to pick the lock if your skill level is high enough, giving you RP options; however, 3 styles of keys are provided.


The inside is lined with felt in case you want to place valuables that can be easily scratched inside. The lining is optional in case you like a bare look.


The screws that hold down the lid hinge are on the inside of the chest, adding an additional layer of security. Please be aware that someone could just walk away with the chest in hand; however, if you load it down with heavy items like coins, it would be more difficult to do so. :)


Standing just under 8” tall, this chest is huge and heavy. The approximate weight is 5kgs when empty! When selecting a treasure box, you don’t want something that feels like it will fall apart in your hands, you want heft! The storage capacity is sufficient to hold up to 1,000 coins or any other combination of gaming components. There is even room for inserts with stretch goals!


Ah yes, the dreaded shipping! Sending packages overseas can be expensive, especially for a heavy item such as these chests. The prices shown in the reward tiers are the actual costs to ship a Medium Flat Rate box. USPS has been the most reliable and cost effective in our experience. If there was a way to make it cheaper, we would! You shouldn’t have to worry about VAT in most cases.

Stretch Goals

1 Free Set of Random Fantasy Coins with Faux Leather Pouch included in your chest. ($18 value)


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