FantastiCon 2017 - Hull's Guildhall - 2nd & 3rd September
FantastiCon 2017 - Hull's Guildhall - 2nd & 3rd September

This project has already launched.

Hi lovely FantastiCon fans!

We're back to put on another kickass activity convention for you all, this time smack bang in the centre of the UK's City of Culture!

We're asking for your support to fund the most important parts of our annual SF/Fantasy/Gaming/Cosplay/Live Music event FantastiCon 2017, to be held over the whole weekend of the 2nd & 3rd September at the Guildhall in Hull.  

So, first things first...


Since 2014 we have successfully run FantastiCon and year on year it has grown into Hull's most diverse and hands on convention.

Last year's convention was our first time in Hull's beautiful Guildhall and thanks to the amazing Kickstarter community (that's you guys) hundreds of folks turned up to enjoy themselves and had a great party. The nightly NERF wars, free soft drinks and biscuits and newly added live music were all extremely popular.
By crowdfunding the costs for the major components of the convention (detailed below) we can secure the booking and concentrate on adding the extra level of awesomeness for which we have become known in the community.
We really don't mean to blow our own trumpets but ask anyone who's been to FantastiCon and they'll tell you what a fun and exciting experience it is for all the family, how much they enjoyed themselves and how friendly and accommodating the whole event is.
Crowdfunding helps us put on a kick ass convention with a wide variety of activities all included within an affordable ticket price.

Our aims are to keep the activities within the convention free, the ticket prices affordable, to raise significant amounts for our charity partners and to give everyone a weekend to remember.


If we can fund the main infrastructure via Kickstarter we can do just that. And this is where we need the help of you guys!

Here's our initial target and the first three stretch goals;
  • Initial goal - £8000 - This amount will allow us to cover the main costs of the event and give us a foundation to build on. Consider this the 'Entry Level' FantastiCon.
  • Stretch Goal 1 - £8050 – Back by popular demand, we guarantee Jammy Dodgers and Hobnobs on the free biscuit plates. The amounts of each will be decided by a backer vote. Pledge now and then head to the comments and vote for either #HOBNOB or #JAMMYDODGER to have your say!
  • Stretch goal 2 - at £9000 we can hire extra space in the venue and fund more specialist tech activities over the weekend. We’re talking to interested parties right now, working out logistics, and doing our damnedest to bring in all the specialist tech we can. Details in the updates as more information emerges.
  • Stretch goal 3 - at £10000 we can upgrade the audio visual capability to incredible awesomeness for the gaming, the interactive demos and the live music. Some of our amazing partners are already planning to wow you with some stunning extra tech and are all set if we hit this stretch goal.

We'll add more stretch goals if we hit the targets above. 

We are well known for our innovative and unusual approach to our projects and this one is no different. We are offering generous pledge gifts, early access and Kickstarter-only exclusive gifts for your help. The tickets for the convention will be available here first and only when we hit our first funding target will the tickets go on sale elsewhere.


 Funds from this Kickstarter will help towards the costs of the venue hire, specialist equipment, celebrity guests, transporting and setting up the equipment and activities, the behind the scenes costs that need to be covered before an event like this can go ahead (such as insurance for staff, volunteers and you guys, PAT testing, etc) and will also pay for signage and promotional materials to be used in the run up to and during the event.    


Above is a breakdown of what your pledge money will be spent on. Stretch goals will be incorporated into their chosen targeted areas and any excess will be used to hire extra space and equipment to supercharge the event and where possible supersize the goals already mentioned above (for example, someone might start a campaign for fig rolls alongside the jammy dodgers).


 That's an easy one because you, your friends and your family will have an amazing time at FantastiCon 2017 and see and experience the best and brightest of virtual reality experiences, cash prize cosplay, gaming, live music, stage shows, board gaming, RPGs, authors and more!


 As a backer you will have helped to make FantastiCon an even more awesome experience than the ones that have gone before. We have a great reputation for being a grown up convention with a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all the family. As usual we have toys and free refreshments for your little ones.  

Usually a convention is built around traders and special guests and in some cases the organisers stop there.  

Not us.  

FantastiCon is a 'doing' convention, not just a 'buying' convention so get ready for a whole weekend of fun activities. From mind blowing virtual reality experiences, mind control robotics and panel discussions, from sit down RPG gaming to old school MarioKart racing, CosPlay battles and NERF wars, FantastiCon has it all!


For those of you who are a little braver, why not take your place among the NERF War veterans as you try the latest in NERF weapon technology in a controlled war arena, fighting either against or alongside your fellow convention goers?  


You pay your ticket price and for that you get access to everything in the convention, including access to all areas and free soft drinks and biscuits throughout!


And let's not forget the legendary FantastiCon Raffle and Awards ceremony! Raffle prizes have included pre-release gaming tech like the T16000M Thrustmaster flightstick and throttle and ultra rare items like one of only 26 Special Edition Elite Dangerous Boxed Sets. 

Our awards vary from the predictable, 'Best Live Book Reading', to the heartily deserved, 'Best from scratch build Cosplay outfit', to the not so predictable, 'Most convincing NERF death'.


FantastiCon 2017 will be our fourth convention! Here's a little bit of history from the previous events. 

FantastiCon 2014 was essentially a launch platform for our official Elite: Dangerous fiction, all of which went on to hit the heights and several of whose authors will be with us again in 2017, but by the time the event came around the community had come together to bring all manner of excellent activities into the fold including virtual reality headsets, gaming computers, cosplay, board gaming, special guests and more. It was this coming together of communities that inspired us to make FantastiCon an annual affair. We were small fry at this stage but were generously supported by the Elite community, by Frontier Developments (the producers of Elite: Dangerous) and the local GAME store who came along and added consoles, sculpture and brought helpful staff to the event. 


FantastiCon 2015 was voted the 'top rated UK convention' in Niche magazine and featured the latest and greatest in tech, gaming, cosplay, live music, sci-fi sculptures and more. This was the first year we added the nightly NERF war. This, twinned with our free soft drinks and biscuits policy, proved extremely popular so we decided to make them a permanent FantastiCon feature. We attracted larger sponsorship for the convention and as well as generous help from the Elite community we received support from Frontier Developments, local companies such as GAME, Richer Sounds and ARCO who provided the safety equipment for the NERF wars; Gorjuss Art, a well known artist from Glasgow sponsored the cash prize cosplay competition as well as the sound and video support for the event.


FantastiCon 2016 was the first time we asked the Kickstarter community to help us fund the event and after a hugely successful campaign we managed to upgrade the convention with a variety of excellent additions including live music, live stage shows, a retro gaming tournament hosted by Kate Russell and one of our sponsors showing off some of the latest holographic technology live at the event. The 2016 event was attended by a wide variety of cosplayers including an army of full-sized Daleks. Sponsorship has grown as we have grown, and along with support from everyone who had helped in previous years, we received backing from KCOM who supplied the internet infrastructure as well as many smaller firms and charities who offered their support in exchange for marketing and promotion of their own projects. We were supported hugely by HCS Voicepacks, DinoPC in London who supplied lots of gaming computers and peripherals. Thrustmaster, makers of high quality gaming equipment, allowed us to showcase their T16000M flightstick at the event and even gave one for the raffle. There are many folks we should thank here but the list would be so long we might break Kickstarter so we'll simply say a huge thanks to everyone who has helped us on our journey so far.  


Our very own Gabi created the 'FantastiCon Chronicle' last year, a huge and steampunk inspired leather-bound book that contains lots more historical info about the event and also has a 'visitor's section' for you to record your thoughts during the convention. We hope you'll all come along and remember to make your mark in the Chronicle, which we hope to keep adding to for many years to come. Backers of the 2016 FantastiCon Kickstarter who pledged more than £1 to the project are already immortalised inside the first few pages of the Chronicle, as are those visitors who hunted down the Chronicle during last year's event.


Be part of FantastiCon history today!

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