Fan The Sea
Fan The Sea

This project has already launched.

Fan the Sea is a noncombat, interactive story game, (think Firewatch, Gone Home, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, To The Moon) that uses the tension and uncertainty of lying to invoke contradicting and competing emotions from the player. You play as Isaac, a master spy, who's trying to uncover the secret operation "Fan The Sea" while maintaining his cover. At it's core, Fan the Sea is both a love story and a conversation about authenticity. 

As you progress through the game by uncovering secrets through interacting and manipulating those around you, you begin to witness the interconnected effects of how the lies you tell and the choices you make impact the world. The challenge of the game lies in the player being forced to keep his lies straight: remembering and managing what he's said, left unsaid, promised, and behaved all impact the game. Isaac's "Consistency", relationships with the NPC's, and choices determine the ending of the game. How many masks can you wear? 

For more details about the game check out our kickstarter! 

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